The World By Kendall

Kendall says something that makes us laugh at LEAST once a day.  What better way to remember these than to add a page to the blog just for that.

2/20/12 - Me: Kendall, you're such a big girl.
                K: I'm not just a big girl, I'm a sweetheart, too.

11/16/11 - K: Mom, Blake has a penis.
                 Me: Yes he does, Kendall.
                 K: Mommy, do you have a penis?
                 Me: Nope, because mommy is a girl and only boys do.
                 K: I don't have a penis because I like princesses.

9/20/11 - Me: Kendall, can you bring all of these books upstairs.
                K:  Can you do it?
                Me:  Kendall, are you talking back to mommy?
                K:  Yes I did talk to you.  Did you hear me?

7/7/11 - Kendall was dancing in her Dora undies.  "Mommy, I love to be naked!! It's so much fun to dance with only your panties on!!"

5/18/11 - We were reading a book about baby animals before bed.  There was a baby rhino on the page and I asked Kendall if she had a horn on her nose like the rhino.  She replied, "Nope, I just have boogers."

3/6/11 - Kendall was eating her snack, and I called her a little piggy.  "Momma, I not a little piggy.  I a big girl piggy!"

2/20/11 - "Mama, you make me so happy!  I make you so happy too??" 

2/15/11 - Kendall was sitting on her potty chair.  I peeked in to see if she had gone. Me: "Kendall, there isn't any potty.  Where is all of your potty?"  Kendall: "It's in my butt!"

2/11/11- On our way home from daycare. "momma, I hungry. I want cheese in my mouth!"

2/6/11 - As I set Kendall in the tub, she says, "Ooohhh...mama, this feels niiiiccce"