Monday, January 14, 2013

You just said what?!?

I used to think I was a somewhat intelligent person.  I graduated high school with almost 2 years worth of college credits, I was on the honor roll, I graduated college with honors, I passed my CPA exam, etc.  As time has gone on, I'm realizing more and more that I may just be one of "those" people.  You know the ones?  You smile, pat them on the head, and tell your friends about them.

"Oh, Amy is really book smart, but she's a little lacking in common sense."  And then, your friends nod along with you because everyone has one of those people in their lives.  I always thought it was my friend April in our group {if you're reading this, I'm sorry April.  This wasn't the way I had wanted you to find out.}

Now, there have been some telltale signs that I could have been the one in the group.

A first indicator was the time I accidentally used salt instead of sugar when making a pitcher of Kool Aid in college.  I thought it was an honest mistake that anyone could make, until my roommate pointed out that I had to stand there pouring out over a cup of salt, and it never clicked.  Whoops.

Or the time I made this delicious broccoli cauliflower salad for Sydney's 2nd birthday.  No sooner than I was patting myself on the back for a job well done I hear my sister bust out laughing and saying, "Tessa! You idiot!  When a recipe calls for sunflower seeds, you don't buy the kind with the shells!"  Now the rest of the family was up in giggles after they had politely tried to refrain from mocking me.  I even snacked on a few of those sunflower seeds during the prep of that salad.

The latest dumbass comment came during our house build.  Eric and I had to meet the electrician to go over outlet placing.  Now this is serious stuff.  I don't want to be cursing for the next 30 years because I can't plug in a lamp where it should be.  We have to think of all possible options.  We had discussed most of the main floor and were now talking about outlets where the deck would go.  They decided we'd put one on the wall right outside of the door onto the deck.  I nodded thoughtfully and asked Eric if that's where he planned on putting his grill.  He shrugged and told me maybe and then went on to talk about other options.

Next up was further down where the deck would go.  Again I asked Eric if that's where he wanted to put his grill.  Getting puzzled he replied, "Maybe, it's not really that important to know now though."  ::sigh:: Men.  They can be so short sighted.  Exasperated I said, "Eric, you need to think about it so we know how to lay out the outlets.  You can't just put them anywhere, we have to think of the layout."

I was greeted with the look of confusion from both Eric and the electrician, and then it clicked.  Doh.  Eric laughing reminded me that we have a gas grill.  No plug ins were needed.

Oh yeah, I knew that.



  1. Haha - maybe both you and April are those girls:):) I chuckled out loud.

  2. Our gas grill has a mini fridge built into it, we need an outlet for ours. Tell him you were planning ahead ;) As for the rest, well you crack me up!


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