Monday, January 28, 2013

New House Status Report Vol. 2

This home build seems to be moving quickly and dragging by, all at the same time.  It's more fun now to go and visit it, because its' easier to see the progress being made.  Our original goal was to close by April 1st.  We started out a bit behind, but have seemed to catch up.  I'm hoping we can be in mid to late March, but we'll have to see how it goes.  I'll try not to get my hopes up so I don't get disappointed.  The one benefit to not moving right away is it's that much longer that I can delay packing up.  ughhhh....have I mentioned how much I hate packing/moving?  I swear, I was the only one in college that didn't change housing and roommates every year.  I hated moving too much to deal with that...which also leads to accumulating a lot of JUNK.

Anywho, here is some of the progress being made since the last update.

You'd think with my husband in the masonry business, picking a brick would be fairly easy.  My sister's neighbors have a beautiful brick home.  After some discussions we had the name of the brick and decided to go with that, only to find out they no longer made it.  There was one found that was a sort of "replacement" for the brick we wanted, so we got a sample.
We went ahead and ordered the brick, and upon delivery, it was NOT what we wanted.  Eric hated it, his dad hated it, his mom hated it, friends hated it.  Basically everyone that looked at it wasn't a fan.  There was no color to it (the dark and the white ones shown) and it just didn't look how we wanted.  So, time to start again.

Eric gave me a couple of ideas, along with the neighborhoods and houses that had them.  That led me to be a total creeper, parked outside of homes and checking them out...and taking pictures.  I really, really hope nobody was looking out their windows.  At last though, we found a new brick.  Third times a charm?
By the beginning of January, the house had the pluming, heating and much of the electrical wired.  They didn't waste time on getting the insulation in.  That house was COLD to work in.  It seemed like every Saturday morning I was running out there to go over things with people, and they were probably the shortest meetings ever.  Once my toes started going numb, the meeting was adjourned.
View into the kitchen/dining room.  The large white piece of paper on the floor with the
pipes out of it will be the kitchen island.
The stainer was out to start staining the door frames.
I met with the cabinet makers to start picking hardware.  Dear heavens do all of the little choices get overwhelming.
The flooring has also been picked, and lucky for me I have this little girl that is my Assistant Designer.  She helped to pick her bathroom countertops.  She gets so into matching everything up, and told me, "Mom, we really have a lot of work to do!"
The kitchen granite has been selected.  We had gone on MLK, Jr Day since Eric and I both had the day off. He doesn't come with me for any of the selections, because he has no interest in it (which is great in my book). Since he had nothing to do, he decided to tag along.  The whole way there he was asking if we needed granite.  Once we got there and were looking at the slabs, he kept wanting to pick out the highest class ones.  Luckily, I was able to rein him back in and get back to our budget point.
Sydney was very into helping me pick out colors for the house, and insisted that her room would be purple.  Since there was some purple in her new bedding (shown with the brown and flowers) it was fine by me.  
Eric has the shelter all up and ready to start bricking, but we were again delayed because of the frigid weather.  You know it's bad when the high temp for the day doesn't get below zero.  It's finally warming up (to a balmy 30 degrees) so he was able to start today.

A front view of the house
As of Saturday, the garage is all sheet rocked:
The half wall still needs to be built for the staircase down to the downstairs

When we first got to the house this weekend to check it out, the girls had the most fun running around and playing tag.
Hiding in the kitchen pantry
Kendall looking out the window in the master closet
Eric and the girls standing in the master shower
mechanical/storage room
The family room downstairs.
Their favorite parts of going to see the house, are always checking out their new bedrooms.  The rooms are identical, mirror images and yet they were arguing over who got which one.  Luckily, they've picked the same room for the last two weeks, so hopefully we're good now.

Kendall in the spare bedroom by the closet
downstairs hallway.  Girls bedrooms are to the left, and their bathroom
and mechanical room are on the right
The bricks are here and ready to go!
I think Eric has two new helpers!
Finally, I've had a lot of ideas on how I want to decorate the new place, but...that might be awhile. :)  In the mean time, I started a little craft for in the girls play room.  I got some cardboard letters and modge podge'd some scrapbook paper on them, and then I'll hang on the walls.  Not perfect by any means, but I think the girls will give it a pass


  1. How exciting! You guys sure have been busy....and holy crap on video those girls are even cuter!

  2. Looks great Tessa!! I bet you are getting so excited to be done with all of the decision making!!

  3. Awww, I can't wait to see the final product! The house looks like it is going to be amazing!

  4. Thank you!  I am ready to see the finished product too! ;)

  5. Thank you! I sure am.  I *think* I've finished most of it, so now I"m ready to watch it all come together.

  6. Thank you!  They always get so excited to go out there, so I figured I should start to get some videos of them, not just pictures. :)

  7. So how has it been, Tessa? How close are you to finishing? Were you able to get some work done, even during the winter? I’m really looking forward to the finished product! I can see it now. Your house is really going to be one of the most amazing ones I’ve ever seen.


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