Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kendall's Birthday Part II

Saturday was the big day.  Miss Kendall's Princess Party!!  After debating on her theme for weeks, and going back and forth, she finally settled on princess.  
There was pink.  There was bling.  There were tiaras.  

My sister in law made those adorable crown cookies.  I had the same cookie cutter as she did, and thought I'd be clever.  I made pink crown rice krispie treats.  Except, I squeezed the food coloring too hard and they turned into this weird red color.  I instantly thought it looked like raw hamburger, but thought maybe nobody would notice.  Sure enough, Eric walks in the kitchen and wonders what the hamburger is for.  Yep.  Definitely need to outsource the cooking and baking in the future.  I was smart enough to do that with the cake.

Isn't the cake adorable?!?
We had the party at this bounce house at a local petting zoo.  Kendall insisted on at least wearing a skirt to the bounce house so that everyone would know she was a princess.  She also insisted that some hair is in a pony, and some is down and curled.  With some curls by her face, as a matter of fact.  When I'm back here in 10 years and whining at how much time she's in the bathroom getting ready, I can look back and know it started young.
Up next it was time for cake and gifts!
She got a cute tool set from my friend to help build our new house.  She and Sydney both were fighting over that this week.  There were also tons of princesses and other fun toys.  She is one very lucky girl.  A big hit of the night was a card of a castle that folded out.  Seriously, this is why we don't spend much money on her gifts (aka Soupy, who I've still managed to keep alive and well, thankyouverymuch)
And here is Kendall with her BFF Blake.  I heard, "Hey Blake, let's hold hands when we walk!" These two kill me with cuteness.  I'm restraining myself from starting to plan their wedding....barely.

The party was a success and Kendall loved it.  The next morning, when the gifts and stuff hadn't even been put away yet she said, "Mom, I'm almost five now.  We should start planning my next party."  Oh boy.


  1. That cake is adorable!!! I can only hope Quinn wants a princess party in the future!

  2. Ok you should know that I am firmly against all things princess-y. But this, this just made me change my mind. Holy pink princessy glittery awesomeness! Way to go! She looks like she loved it!

  3. When Kendall and Blake do get married, their wedding should be princess themed.


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