Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Nuk Fairy

 So, last week I decided that it was time.  Time for Sydney to give away her beloved pacifiers.  And you guys? I was terrified.  Seriously, this kid looooooved them.  We would only give them to her for sleeping, but that didn't stop her from trying to beat the system.

She'd sneak in her room for a quick hit.  You'd look around and wonder where Sydney quietly snuck off to, and there you'd find her.  Now, this was no novice.  She knew she wasn't supposed to have them, so she thought she was clever.  Nothing a quick hand over the mouth couldn't cover up, right?  Or, she'd give it to you, while sneakily hiding the replacement one behind her back.

I know they say the first step in addiction help is admitting you have a problem.  We tried staging an intervention all week with her, but there was no way of knowing if we were getting through.  There was only one way to tell, and it was to go cold turkey.

Now, of course I wasn't going to be the mean one to take away her beloved comfort.  And we all know Eric surely wouldn't step into that role.  It was time to call on backup.  Enter in.....the Nuk Fairy.

We geared Sydney up all week, that the Nuk Fairy was coming to visit Friday night, and was going to take all of her paci's to the babies who needed them.  So, after dinner, we gathered them all up (that we know of. I wouldn't be shocked if she had a little stash buried in the floorboards).  We put them in a bowl and handed them over.
She methodically looked at each one, silently giving her approval. 
 "Hold up! This one, too?!?"
And then it was time,  She set them down and was all excited to be a big girl.  This process was cut pretty short because big sister kept running outside in just her underwear, and I didn't want to add another reason to why we're those neighbors, so we had to quickly shoo her back in.

Ok, the band aid was ripped off.  Now I'm waiting for the inevitable questioning for her nuks, and the changing of her mind.  Instead, she made a comfy bed in what else, a laundry basket.  I'd like to say that this basket was empty because I'm so awesome at keeping ahead of it all.  In reality, there was probably a pile stacked on the couch that she dumped out.  But, I digress. 

Now it was time for the true test, when it was time to go to bed.  We said goodnight, and shut the door and waited.  About 20 minutes later she started asking for it.  Eric, I've come to realize is the enabler in the family.  Immediately he is all, "Oh, come on! You have to give it to her!  You're torturing her, Tessa!  You can't just do it all at once!!"  Men.

I went in and distracted her with something else, and that was that.  I was expecting a weekend of crying and no sleep, and I was pleasantly surprised.  The Nuk Fairy now has a 2-2 record for my kids, so I'm sold.  

Now, if only the Fairy left me money for her future orthodontics which I see in my future...


  1. Awww! What a big girl! I hope we have similar success when the Nuk fairy visits my house later this year! :)

  2. Ahh good for her!!!! I can't even BEGIN to explain how terrified I am of this! Quinn only uses them in her crib, but still. She loves them. I might have to try this Nuk fairy idea!

  3. This is such a great idea and i'm glad to hear it has gone well with her. Lennox doesn't use a paci (because she wouldn't take one, not because we didn't try!) but if ever have a child we have to break of a habit... i'm so doing this! 

  4. That's awesome! I'm so glad that idea worked!


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