Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jump, Spin and Shake Around

Last night, Miss Kendall got to go to her very first dance class.  She has been excited all week about it, and made sure to practice up her dancing skills.

Of course, I had to get a cute little outfit for her, because what fun are dance classes without the adorable leotards and tutus?!?!

 While waiting for the class to start, Kendall practiced her spinning.  

Once the class got started, I moved outside with the other parents.  Kendall came out after full of smiles and stories.  She told me how they jumped and twirled and shook around.  She told me she learned so many things.  When asked what she learned, she replied, "dance."  Ok.  She told me she can't wait to go back again. 


  1. How cute is she in her little dance outfit?? That is fun!

  2. So cute! I can't wait until E is old enough for dance and gymnastics!

  3. Thanks!  This class started for 3-4 year olds, but I think there is 1 for 2 year olds also.  E would be adorable. :)

  4. I know, aren't little girls so cute in leotards! :)

  5. How stinkin cute! I can't wait until Quinn is old enough :)


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