Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Clean Up in Aisle 2

I can't believe it was only last year at this time when we were potty training Kendall.  We had started to slowly train her around 18 months, but it was just not sticking.  I had stumbled across the 3 day method, so we spent Labor Day weekend doing it with her, and it seemed to finally stick.

With the impending 3 day weekend, I figured why not do it again this year.  I'm anxious to stop buying diapers and wipes.  We have been for almost 4 years, so it'll be a nice little change to the wallet. :)  

I was a little bit nervous as to how Sydney would take to it.  She has always insisted she's my baby.  I'd call her a big girl, and she'd reply "No! Sydney baby. Kendall big girl."  I'd give her a sippy cup without a lid and she'd give it back and ask for a baby cup.  Since I'm so sad my little girl is growing up so fast on me, I'm ok with this.  Except when it comes to diapers.  Ugh.....

So, this beautiful weekend with nothing to do, we decided to camp out in the house.  If you haven't heard of it, you basically throw out all diapers and put them in underwear.  You can't do anything else and have to watch them like a hawk.  Once they start to go, you rush them to the potty chair.  You don't put them on there at timed intervals, because you want them to recognize the need to go on their own.

Saturday morning was the start of it.  We have a lot of carpet in our house, so we hung out in the kitchen/dining room area for the day to make any clean ups easier for me.  And, it's a good thing we did.  There were a LOT that morning.  Kendall was all excited to be helping Sydney learn to use the potty.  My favorite line from her was, "Sydney, now these are all my special panties.  Quit peeing in them!" 

We were busy trying to find things to keep us busy.  We played with play doh.

 We painted pictures.  We watched movies.
And we cleaned up messes.  Luckily, by Saturday night she started to get the hang of it, and was so proud of herself.  Kendall would jump up and down and cheer for her little sister and run to get her an M&M for a treat.  Now, you  might think Kendall is just a supportive big sister.  In reality, she figured that every time Sydney made it to the potty chair and got a treat, she would get one too.

By Monday, we had all started to feel a bit cagey.  It's so odd to have an entire weekend, much less a long weekend, with nothing going on and nowhere to go.  As much as I was worried about being confined to the kitchen, I will say it's had it's rewards.  It's been nice to sort of unplug from everything and have nothing else to do but to play with the girls.


  1. LOVE this post!!! Love all the pictures!!

  2. Ok the pictures of her on the potty is adorable! We have to start doing more potty training soon!


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