Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two Against One

This is the week that I give props to the single parents out there.  Bright and early Sunday morning, Eric headed out for a drive out to Colorado for a week of elk hunting.
Before he left, we tried to get in some family time and took a little walk down to the park.
I think the real reason he suggested it was so he could play on the swings a little.  Luckily Kendall didn't mind waiting her turn. ;)
Now, I don't know what it is about Sydney.  You'd think she'd have a 50/50 shot at getting her sunglasses on the right way.  I think she likes it better this way, since she does this every time she puts them on!
So, with Eric gone, we've been trying our best to keep busy.  Sunday my friend and her little boys came for a playdate.  We heard them go downstairs for a bit, and they were quiet.  Now, any mother knows that a quiet kid (or two!) isn't always a good thing.  I had to laugh when I went down to assess the damage.  Why of course the books are better laid out along the hearth! 
After the playdate, it was a late nap for the girls, which I in turn needed to wake them up from to have dinner.  Sydney was not a fan of getting up, and I don't blame her.  Sunday afternoons are always lazy for me, too.
We've gotten through two days with daddy being gone.  The girls were starting to miss him last night, so they sent him a little video.  Kendall then said that they needed to take a picture to send him also, and this was their best one. lol
Tonight we have Kendall's dance classes so it'll be another busy night after work.  I think I've found the trick of being on my own for a week, though.
Coffee.  And a big one at that.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jump, Spin and Shake Around

Last night, Miss Kendall got to go to her very first dance class.  She has been excited all week about it, and made sure to practice up her dancing skills.

Of course, I had to get a cute little outfit for her, because what fun are dance classes without the adorable leotards and tutus?!?!

 While waiting for the class to start, Kendall practiced her spinning.  

Once the class got started, I moved outside with the other parents.  Kendall came out after full of smiles and stories.  She told me how they jumped and twirled and shook around.  She told me she learned so many things.  When asked what she learned, she replied, "dance."  Ok.  She told me she can't wait to go back again. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sweet Baby Jesus, I Did It.

You may remember a couple of months ago that someone drugged me and made me sign up for a Half Marathon.  Ok, ok, maybe I wasn't drugged but I think I was slightly out of my mind.  I spent the last 11 weeks or so training to get ready for it.  

I knew I was in trouble when I looked online and it said, "If you're looking for a flat, easy, fast course, this may not be the one for you."  Well, what the heck.  That is EXACTLY what I was looking for.  

I arrived shortly after 7am, and the nerves were in high gear.  Stupid me had already blabbed to too many people that I was doing this, so I couldn't stealthily sneak into the 5k line up.  Note for next time: keep my trap shut. ;)

The weather was a perfect 47 degrees and the wind seemed low.  Ok, I can do this.  I had my music ready to go, and I just wanted to get it over with.  The buzzer goes off and here we go!
Remember when you were younger and your parents said they walked to school uphill both ways?  You rolled your eyes at the martyrs, because everyone knows if you go up a hill, you will eventually come down.  Right?  Wrong.  I swear every turn we made was going up another hill.  They weren't going to take it easy on me, were they??

My parents were there in time for the start, and were so kind to meet me along the way to cheer me on.  I think they were at miles 6 and 10 or so.  Around mile 7, I started running against the wind.  Ok, Mother Nature - the hills weren't enough for me, you decided to throw in the wind, too??  I had a few words for her, but I'll keep it PG here.  I kept trucking along (slowly) and was feeling ok.  Around mile 11 I was starting to hit a wall.  My feet hurt, my legs hurt, and I was just feeling D.O.N.E.  I tried to play the mind tricks on myself saying that it was only 2 miles left.  2 miles - peanuts!!  

Mile 12 comes.  Surely, they're going to take it easy on this old lady and finally go all downhill right?  Jerks, here's another hill {against the wind}.  Ugggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh.  Are you freaking kidding me??

Guess what?  

I did it. :)  I finished this stupid course.

Now, I wasn't fast, and I certainly wasn't anywhere near the beginning of the pack.  But, I wasn't dead last either.  And even if I was, that'd be ok.  Because I started out not too long ago not being able to run a full minute without getting pooped.  And this weekend, I ran 13.1 miles.  Bam!

I noticed something funny while going through my pictures.  You probably can't tell here, but in the pictures above, the middle one on the right - the store behind it is an Oxygen Supply Center.  Very fitting.  I finished in 2:31:53.  I had figured I'd do it in 2 and a half hours, so this is pretty close.  Especially considering that the trails I ran this summer were flat...how they should be. ;)  

Here I am in my delirious, holy moly I actually finished this sucker faze.
Kendall had been talking all week how she was going to cheer really loud for me.  As I was running up to the finish line I saw my baby girls clapping, and it's such a fun feeling.  When I walked over to them after, the little sweeties each brought me a flower.  Kendall excitedly said, "Did you hear me, mama?? I cheered for you!"  I sure did, baby girl. 
About .01243846 seconds later, this is where I ended up, and I had no intentions of moving.  My legs gave out and I was looking around for a wheelchair to bring me back to my car.  
The girls were in heaven with the post race bananas and cookies for the runners.  
I'm so blessed to have such an awesome family to come and cheer me on.  It's a pretty cool feeling to have something that starts as just a little spark in your head as an idea.  You push it out thinking there is no way in God's great earth that you could do that.  Then, wait a minute.  If others can, why CAN'T I?  It really seemed out of reach at first, and I am so darn proud that I did it.  I wasn't the best or the fastest, but all that mattered to me was that I crossed that finish line, and I did.  I ran 13.1 miles, and I am pretty happy about that.
The biggest down side is one of my best friends was supposed to run it with me.  The poor girl got sick the week before.  Despite all of her efforts to flush out that nasty cold, she had no luck and had to miss it. :(  Just when I thought I could cross this off my bucket list, I think I might have her pushing me to do another one next year.  I might go for it....

on a flat, downhill, wind at my back course.  ;)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Silly Sydney

This little girl cracks me up.  Oh, the many faces of Sydney Rose

Clean Up in Aisle 2

I can't believe it was only last year at this time when we were potty training Kendall.  We had started to slowly train her around 18 months, but it was just not sticking.  I had stumbled across the 3 day method, so we spent Labor Day weekend doing it with her, and it seemed to finally stick.

With the impending 3 day weekend, I figured why not do it again this year.  I'm anxious to stop buying diapers and wipes.  We have been for almost 4 years, so it'll be a nice little change to the wallet. :)  

I was a little bit nervous as to how Sydney would take to it.  She has always insisted she's my baby.  I'd call her a big girl, and she'd reply "No! Sydney baby. Kendall big girl."  I'd give her a sippy cup without a lid and she'd give it back and ask for a baby cup.  Since I'm so sad my little girl is growing up so fast on me, I'm ok with this.  Except when it comes to diapers.  Ugh.....

So, this beautiful weekend with nothing to do, we decided to camp out in the house.  If you haven't heard of it, you basically throw out all diapers and put them in underwear.  You can't do anything else and have to watch them like a hawk.  Once they start to go, you rush them to the potty chair.  You don't put them on there at timed intervals, because you want them to recognize the need to go on their own.

Saturday morning was the start of it.  We have a lot of carpet in our house, so we hung out in the kitchen/dining room area for the day to make any clean ups easier for me.  And, it's a good thing we did.  There were a LOT that morning.  Kendall was all excited to be helping Sydney learn to use the potty.  My favorite line from her was, "Sydney, now these are all my special panties.  Quit peeing in them!" 

We were busy trying to find things to keep us busy.  We played with play doh.

 We painted pictures.  We watched movies.
And we cleaned up messes.  Luckily, by Saturday night she started to get the hang of it, and was so proud of herself.  Kendall would jump up and down and cheer for her little sister and run to get her an M&M for a treat.  Now, you  might think Kendall is just a supportive big sister.  In reality, she figured that every time Sydney made it to the potty chair and got a treat, she would get one too.

By Monday, we had all started to feel a bit cagey.  It's so odd to have an entire weekend, much less a long weekend, with nothing going on and nowhere to go.  As much as I was worried about being confined to the kitchen, I will say it's had it's rewards.  It's been nice to sort of unplug from everything and have nothing else to do but to play with the girls.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Stepping Back In

I cannot believe over a month has passed by since the last blog entry.  As I'm sure is the case with everyone, the summer has been so busy!  In between working full time, trying to soak up as much time and memories as I can with the girls, getting plans in place for the new digs, and training for a half marathon there really haven't been enough minutes in the day.

Trying to update the blog was starting to feel like one more job to get through, which it shouldn't be.  With this glorious long weekend, I'm happy to be able to dip my toes back into the water and get back into it. :)

We've spent a lot of the last month riding bikes and trikes:

And getting in plenty of time at the park:

Have you noticed above how Sydney is always the little tag along.  She is Kendall's little side kick.  She'll sit and study her older sister and then jump in to do the same thing.  Of course, Kendall soaks it up and has never shyed away from being a little mother hen.

Be still, my heart.