Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sugar High

Sunday we went to a local parade.  The girls had already gone to one with my mother in law, so they were seasoned pros at this.  Kendall ran to grab her big sand bucket with full intentions of filling it up.
I had gone out for a run earlier in the morning, and it was really nice out.  As soon as we sat down at the parade, with the first float that came, so did the sun.  It got H-O-T.  The girls were sweating, but that didn't stop them from picking up and eating way too much candy.
Kendall was pretty excited to see all of the stuff she could grab.
Sydney had a better approach.  She mostly sat at the curb, and then just took her candy out of the bucket.  I see a future of Sydney being in a supervisor role while instructing Kendall to do the work.
After some lunch at great-grandma's house, we hit the church grounds for some games.  Kendall wasn't in the mood to go, but Sydney had fun!  We may need to work on her throwing skills before next year.  Good thing bean bags are soft, when they go the wrong way!


  1. That picture of the bean bag is great!

  2. So cute! Curtis has only been to 1 parade and all the big kids got the candy before he could. I think I was more upset then he was lol!

  3. So cute! Parades are so much fun for kids!


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