Friday, July 13, 2012

Play and Learn

If your kids are like mine, the minute you try to start making dinner, they're all over you whining for food or to play.  It's nice to have them close but....occupied. :)  

Sam over at Livin' the Good Life came up with a fun solution.  She has an adorable etsy shop, where she has a ton of cute products.  One of those are these adorable, hand painted wooden alphabet magnets.  You've seen letter magnets before, but these are different.  Your child's name will stand out in their favorite color!  Kendall is starting to try to spell and write her name {and everyone else's!} so it's a really fun way to get to do it together.

As you know, Kendall and Sydney's name wouldn't be able to be spelled out with traditional magnet sets due to the extra L and Y needed.  Sam thought of that, and can add in extra letters.
We received the box for Kendall's and Sydney's sets, and they were instantly excited.  Not only did she have their names in their set color coded with their favorite colors (green for Kendall and pink for Sydney), but she also went the extra step to color code the address label on the box for each of them.  Kendall instantly grabbed hers and said, "This was is green and that's my favorite color, so it must be mine!" :)
The girls first had a ton of fun just looking at all of the letters and naming the letter and the color.
Up next was adding them on the fridge, where they were proud to spell their name.  Since only the letters in their name are the color (green for Kendall and pink for Sydney) it aids them to be able to find and arrange the letters.
I was very impressed with the quality and attention to detail on these.  I know I will keep this in mind as a fun gift for a kid's birthday or holiday gift.  There is nothing better as a mom than seeing your children learning as they play.

If you're interested in finding out more on these fun sets, check out her etsy listing HERE and tell her we sent you. :)  

Disclosure: We received these products to try out, but all opinions and disclosures are mine.


  1. those are amazing and I will definitely have to look into them for my daughter! Her name is Sydney too! Love your blog! 

  2. I hit send too early! 

    I hope your having a fabulous day and your girls are beautiful!


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