Sunday, June 17, 2012

Entrepreneur in the Making

I love talking with Kendall. You can almost see the wheels spinning in her head.

She was looking in this kids craft book while I was putting away laundry, and saw a piggy bank.

K: Can we make my very own piggy bank, and then people can give me money to put in it?
Me: who's going to give you money?
K: They will put it in cards and mail it to me.
Me: why will people mail you money?
K: cuz I'll have a party.
Me: You're birthday is still a ways off. How else will you get money?
K: I make beautiful pictures. People will give me money for my pictures.

That's my girl! :) And so you can see the artist in the making, here is her picture she made of me. Love it. :)


  1. That's adorable!  It's amazing what kids come up with!  At least she wasn't expecting people to just give her the money.  Smart girl!


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