Monday, June 25, 2012

Bring on the popcorn!

I've been wanting to bring Kendall to the movies for quite some time now.  I figured she'd be able to sit still long enough, but it seems like something always comes up.  Either we have the time, but there aren't any good kids movies in theaters or we're busy with something else.

During my morning cup of coffee yesterday, I was thinking of what to do for the day.  Then I remembered seeing commercials for this movie.
I don't know about you, but one of the great parts about having kids, is getting to do the fun kid things that you missed, but look funny doing as an adult.  Like, you know, going to movies like this.  Eric had planned to go out for a round of golf with his dad, so Sydney went to play at Grandma's for a couple of hours.  When I told Kendall that she and I would go to a movie like big girls, she was EXCITED!
The movie started at 11:50, so I should have given her something nutritious for lunch.  But, even Kendall knows that it's not a movie without popcorn.  So, you can pass me the Mother of the Year trophy.  I let my kid have popcorn for lunch.  I did sneak in a pouch of applesauce which she had with it, so I win a few points back, right??
Blurry iPhone pic, but it shows how captive she was the whole time.  
I tried to get her picture with the movie poster after the movie ended, but she was too excited pointing out each of the animals and what they did during the movie.  So, I get the back of her head. ;)
We had a great time, and I can't wait to do it again with her!


  1. How fun!! :) 

  2. Popcorn for lunch is a must when movies are involved!  Looks like she had a great first movie date!

  3. Cute!! My husband wants to bring my daughter to the movies, but there is no way she will sit still yet. I look forward to when we are able to do this! 


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