Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the skies then opened...

Last night marked the official start of summer - tornado warnings!  It started to hail slightly on my way home, but miraculously stopped right as I pulled into our neighborhood to pick up the girls from daycare.  Once we were home and I was starting dinner, I noticed we were in a tornado warning.  One had supposedly touched down about 30ish minutes away.  I figured I'd just keep an eye on it.  Well, I started hearing a tink tink tink on the windows and knew it was coming.  Sure enough, the tornado sirens started.

We grabbed the girls and moved into the crawl space.  Eric has been so nuts about having too many toys laying around, so he keeps moving some in there to rotate out.  The girls saw dress up clothes, books, cars, etc and were in heaven!
During this time, when we should be taking cover for safety, Eric is watching the storm - in front of the picture window.  Brilliant man.  Our dish was out from the storm, so I was tracking it on my iPhone in the crawl space (I now have my justification for why I have to have one.)  I notice that another tornado was reported about 5-10 minutes away.  I get out to tell Eric to get his butt down there, but he assures me he can outrun the tornado if he sees it coming and make it in there.  Whatever, dude.  Good luck to you.  

Shortly after that, it was pretty much over, and we got out to check out the aftermath.  All I can say is Holy Hail!  It looked like the middle of winter outside, not a 70 degree day.  This is a picture of our front yard.
They were about the size of golf balls I think.  Here's a picture of the back yard.  Wonder if my dad will need to reshingle the girls sandbox.  I wonder what our insurance agent would say to that claim? ha ha
Overall, we faired pretty well.  I think we'll need new siding and possibly work on the roof.  It sucks, but that's what insurance is for.  I'm not excited about forking out the deductible, but I am just happy it wasn't any worse.  We're all safe and there weren't any injuries so that's what's really important.

The girls were completely unfazed by it all.  I had a hard time getting them back out of the crawl space.  After some dinner, Kendall read Sydney a story.  These two kill me.


  1. That is crazy! Glad you all are ok!

  2. I'm like your husband, so used to it I am a little too nonchalant. Defienitely went swimming during a tornado warning once. I thought my mother would murder me. After last year I am so grateful we've had such a mild Spring. Glad y'all are safe and I hope the hail damage isn't too bad.

  3. So scary glad your all ok! 

  4. Wow!  Storms completely freak me out.  Nature is just so unpredictable!  Would you still like to continue swapping for May?  I kept your button on my page.  Hope that's okay!

  5. Tales_Of_Two_GirlsMay 4, 2012 at 12:51 PM

    Definitely up for another month!

  6. Tales_Of_Two_GirlsMay 4, 2012 at 12:51 PM


  7. Tales_Of_Two_GirlsMay 4, 2012 at 12:52 PM

    I like them too usually, but this was the worst one I've seen yet.  It'll be an interesting summer, I have a feeling!

  8. Tales_Of_Two_GirlsMay 4, 2012 at 12:52 PM

    Thanks, hun!


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