Tuesday, May 8, 2012

let them eat cake...twice

I'm finally catching up on getting some pictures up from the gatherings we've had.  A few weeks ago we had a get together with some of my old coworkers.  There were 7 kids under 3, so they had a blast.  
Sydney and Ella are only about a month apart.  They quickly became buddies and were holding hands as they walked.  Too cute!
Kendall has been OBSESSED with birthday parties lately.  Every day she asks me who's birthday is next and when she gets cake.  As we were driving to the play date, she kept asking about cake.  Imagine her happiness (and mine!) when she found that someone did indeed bring cake.  Now it's a party!
 After we got home and took a quick nap, we got to go to another birthday party for their friend and daycare buddy.  You'd think going to a party at the same house that they go to every day for daycare would be no big deal.  For some reason playing there outside of normal hours is so exciting for them!
I wish I could keep it that these were the only cars they'll ever drive.
Kendall and Blake decided to take their cake up to the playhouse to eat.
Sydney shares her sister's love of cupcakes!
 Make sure to get every last bit of frosting! 
Cake twice in one day.  Does it get any better than that?  Not in my world.


  1. I agree with Kendall on the cake thing! :)

  2. Adorable, as always!

  3. What cute pictures!

  4. This is adorable! And makes me want cake very badly...


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