Thursday, May 3, 2012

Buckle Up.

I have been seriously lacking in blogging lately.  I figured I'd do a quick recap post through cell pics to show what we've all been up to.  We have had something every.single.weekend for the last month or so (and coming up)  It's fun, but it sure is tiring. :)

We started out with a play date.  A bunch of friends/old coworkers all had babies around the same time, so we figured we'd get them all together.  7 kids under 3.  One word - LOUD! 
That night we had a 1st birthday party.  Sydney still thinks she's the baby, apparently.
The next morning I went down to St. Paul with a friend for a photography class at the zoo/botanical gardens.
And of course we couldn't go back home without a little shoe shopping.  I mean, let's be real here.
I think I've found a kid's favorite toy.  The facetime camera on an iPhone.  Time for some photobooth fun with Sydney.
 That week, my bestie had her baby!! I was so excited to meet this handsome little dude, and it definitely wasn't helping my baby fever.  I was lucky enough to get to play around and try some newbie pics.  I'm still trying to get them edited and finished, but I'll try to post them when I'm done.
Also during this time I was busy prepping for another great friend's bridal shower.  I am so happy for her, and the shower was proof that the big day will be here soon.  Less than a month in fact!!  I get to be a bridesmaid and Miss Kendall was honored with being a flower girl, so we are super excited.
During the shower, Kendall was playing with my phone and I found another long stream of self pics.
Now, everyone knows you can't have a bridal shower without a bachelorette party.  See more pictures of the events here
The girls were at my mother in laws for the night, so I got to pick them up the next morning, where they were busy cruising in their ride.  Sydney was in charge of the radio while Kendall toured them around.  
And more facetime fun
What night is complete without a little dance party?

 Last weekend we had another wedding.  I didn't bring my camera, and my cell died about 20 minutes into it.  :(  Luckily I got a couple of quick snaps in.
 We got back from out of town for the wedding Sunday morning, and almost immediately left for a 2nd birthday party for our nephew Emmett.  But, not without stopping at Target!  Diapers are a necessity. :/
Sydney was getting pretty tuckered out after missing a nap and the excitement of the party.
 About 2 minutes after we left, we found her out cold.
  I checked on the girls one night while making dinner, and found them watching cartoons like this.  Seriously, don't they make your heart melt?
 Tuesday night led to the crazy hail storm (see pics of the aftermath here)  That meant Wednesday was trick or treating from contractors.  I'm not kidding, all you could see in the neighborhood were trucks lined up and salesmen going door to door for siding and roofing.  I am sure we've had more than 10 stop by already.  My favorite line was from one that was 4 hours away, but said their business isn't storm chasers like some others.  Really, our house was in your neighborhood?  lol
 We were getting sick of the doorbell ringing so we thought we'd head out on the trail so Kendall could show off her newly learned pedaling skills.  She is so proud of herself! 
 And, Sydney was just enjoying being along for the ride.

Whew.  I think that covers it.  I'm tired just going through it again. :)  Coming up over the next month we have a dual birthday party, a dual baby shower, Mother's Day, a possible 5k, a wedding weekend and then Sydney's birthday party.  Wish me luck!


  1. Their faces are just too stinkin cute! 

    and OMG the shoes.

  2. You've been crazy busy!!! Looks like a lot of fun though!


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