Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thinking Back Thursday

First off, I'm here but I'm also there today.  Check out our guest post over at Building Our Story and tell her I sent you! :)

I am sooooo glad this fad is no longer in style.  I had more pair of spandex shorts than I think I could count.  I especially loved the ones that would have a cool design going down the sides.  Seksy.

ahhhhh.....Star Search.  Really, was there a better show?  I'd always watch the spokesmodel  part and dream about that being me someday.  I also loved the dance portion.  How many stars would they get??  Would it go into an audience tiebreaker?? I'd always be curious if the champion would continue on, or if the challenger would knock them out of the running.  Good times.

Admit it.  You wore it, and you loved it.  What teenage girl in the 90s didn't sport Love's Baby Soft?  

Soon I realized that Love's Baby Soft was for babies.  The first day of school after Christmas break there was a new smell in the hallways.  Everyone seemed to have ck one as a stocking stuffer, myself included.  I didn't just have ck one.  I had the big daddy bottle.  I'm pretty sure I have at least half of it still sitting in the bathroom closet.  I may have to start wearing it again.  I just hope it doesn't subliminally make me want to start sporting my old Tommy Hilfiger overalls.  Talk about hot.
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  1. holy crap, you had spandex like THAT?  i can honestly say i never did... i did not, however, escape the stirrup pants & t-shirt tie things that bunched your shirt together at the hip.  and ck one?  yeah, pretty much thought it made any boy a man.


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