Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blog Sponsorship

How is it almost April already??  Time seems to be flying by just like always.  The beginning of a new month brings with it reminders for blog sponsors.

Tales of Two Girls has 120 GFC followers, 577 twitter followers, 673 Facebook likes and 336 in the Google+ circle.  We are also ranked on Top Baby Blogs.  As of March 27, in March there have been 2,922 page views with 370 unique visitors.

As of right now, I am offering a free blog swap sponsorship.  I will host your 125x125 button on the left sidebar for the month.  With this, there will be one blog post to reference your blog, including any respective links (facebook, twitter, etc.)  This post will also be linked to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  The only requirement is the same is done on your blog.  The free sponsorship may not last long, so get it on it now!!

I am also available for any giveaways or promotions.  See here for more information or contact me at

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