Thursday, March 29, 2012

I totally rocked some of these clips back in the day. Or as some weird people call them, barrettes. ;) The long, flowing ribbon...gorgeous. ;)

I remember seeing a phone like this in DJ and Stephanie's room watching Full House, and I always wanted one.

Now, who DIDN'T have a mood ring?? I'll never forget the mood ring scene in the movie My Girl. And then, he goes back to find it, and the rest is history. :(

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blog Sponsorship

How is it almost April already??  Time seems to be flying by just like always.  The beginning of a new month brings with it reminders for blog sponsors.

Tales of Two Girls has 120 GFC followers, 577 twitter followers, 673 Facebook likes and 336 in the Google+ circle.  We are also ranked on Top Baby Blogs.  As of March 27, in March there have been 2,922 page views with 370 unique visitors.

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Wordless Wednesday: Pure Love

I was able to snap a quick picture on my phone of these two on Sunday, after they got up from their naps.  To say they are best friends, is an understatement.  <3

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday - What's in a Name?

Naming your child has to be one of the toughest decisions to make during your pregnancy.  At least for us.  When I first got pregnant, I ran to Barnes & Noble and stocked up on pregnancy and baby name books.  Within the first few weeks, I had scoured through the entire book.  All 100,000+ names.  Let me tell you, there were some doozies out there.  Every name, with every possible spelling you can imagine.  They'd range from very traditional to very...let's say, unique.  Or, if you'd like to jazz up the spelling, younik.

I had a long list going of every possible name I liked.  I liked a lot, but did I like them enough for MY baby?  That was the tough part.  Then, the hardest part was my husband.  I had many names to choose from, but every one I'd read off, I'd be responded to with "no.  I don't like it."  Ok, what do you like?  "I don't know, but not that."  Sigh.

At 20 weeks, when we found out we were having a baby girl, it made it a little easier.  At least I could throw out half of the names, and just focus on the girl names.  About 6 weeks before she was born, we were driving home from a wedding, and we both decided we liked the names Kendall and Sydney.  We agreed to just wait until she was born, but at least we had something to go off of.  The whole time, I really thought she'd be a Sydney.

When she was born, I think Eric was a little traumatized by the 26 hour labor leading into a c-section.  They placed this sweet little baby in my arms, and I looked up at him and asked what we should call her.  He replied, whatever you want!  I took one look, and knew she was a Kendall.  My Kendall.  I realized we never really focused much on middle names.  The first name was hard enough to agree on.  Puzzled, I looked to Eric and he said, "Why don't we just use yours?"  Simple enough.  Kendall Lee it was.  It fits her perfectly.

With baby #2 on the way, you'd think we'd have the baby naming procedures down pat.  Ugh, hardly.  This time, I barely even looked until we had the ultrasound to tell us if we needed to look at the boy names or the girls.  With it being a girl, you think it'd be simple.  We could just use the leftover name from the first time.  I still wasn't quite sure.  We finally narrowed it down to Sydney or Simone.  Eric wasn't 100% sold on Simone, but again left it up to me when she was born.  I decided to go with Sydney.  I usually am not a fan of using y's in place of a vowel.  I thought we'd spell it Sidney, but it looked as if that was the male version.  When choosing a middle name, I wanted something simple, and one syllable.  We chose my mom's middle name and my great-grandmother's first name.  Sydney Rose.

After you decide on a name, there is always that little bit of fear.  Did we make the right choice?  Will they grow into this name?  Will I regret it later?  1.5 and 3.5 years out, I'm still happy with our choices.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

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Nickelodeon Universe

We found out my brother and his family were going to be in Minneapolis over the weekend, from Des Moines.  They had planned a weekend of fun, including Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America on Saturday.  We had brought Kendall about  a year and a half ago, and she loved it!  We actually had the day free, so we decided to head down and meet up with them.
There was so much for Sydney to look up at!

Kendall insisted on standing in line to meet Sponge Bob.  When it was her turn, she didn't want to get very close to him.  Go figure.
Kendall was sure to get the best view in the house to scope out where we should go next.
Sydney wasn't going to let Kendall be the only one to get the good views!
Eric thought it'd be a good idea to bring Kendall on the log shoot.  I wasn't too sure as it seemed a little big for her.  Who was I kidding?  She loved it!

Sydney was a pro on the mini roller coaster.  She had her arms up and was squealing WEEEEE!!! the whole time. 
Trying to get a group shot of some of the kids was not an easy task.  Mostly due to Kendall trying to sneak in the back seat of the stroller.

There was a LOT of time spent waiting in lines. 
All the standing in lines waiting + no nap = one tired little girl.
As tired as she was getting, Kendall wasn't letting us leave until we checked out the gift shop.  Of course.

Overall, we had such a good time.  The girls both seem to have my love for rides.  I think if they were allowed to, they'd both be on the biggest roller coasters!  We had originally thought of going to Underwater World also, where you can see all kinds of cool marine life.  Kendall was a little hesitant about seeing sharks, and told me they eat little girls like her.  Unfortunately, we were running out of time and about to have two tired kids melt down, so it was time to get back on the road.  That just means we'll have to plan another trip. :)

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Friday, March 23, 2012

I have nothing to say

I have a mental block, so instead of writing, I thought I'd just post a funny video from the week.  Sydney was not ready to get out of the tub.  I got Kendall out and dressed, and the water was all drained.  I found her hiding with her head down, thinking I wouldn't see her to take her out.
Tomorrow we'll be meeting my brother and his family at the Mall of America for some fun with the kids.  I'll try to post pictures this weekend.  

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thinking Back Thursday

Remember the Elephant show?  I used to love it as a kid.
But, what would talk of the show be without the Skinnamarink song to go with it?  Your welcome in advance for getting this song back in your head.
Once I grew up and out of the Elephant show, MTV's singled out took over for me.  Of course, it was much better pre Carmen Elecktra. ;)
Oh, Ramona.  I so wanted to be a sassy little thing like her. 

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Over the weekend, we were able to get in the first park trips of 2012.

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Toddle Along Tuesday

I'm linking up with Growing Up Geeky today for Toddle Along Tuesday.  This week's theme is your children's favorite activity.  One of the things I was most excited for when we first got pregnant and found out it was a girl, was doing all kinds of girly things.  I looked forward to all of the fun things I could do with my daughter.  Then, when we found out another girl was coming, I was doubly excited.

I figured with my excitement, I'd have two major tomboys.  These two are about as girly as a girl can get.  This weekend they were both begging to have their toenails painted.
There is nothing they enjoy more than playing dress up.  From a very young age, they were both able to rock a pair of heels, and walk better in them than some women I know now!
and really, what heels are complete without a pair of hello kitty socks?
Kendall just loves to dress up, and twirl around.  She tells me that she's a beautiful princess.
But, rest assured.  These two aren't all beauty with no brains!  I'm always amazed on how long they can each sit and read books.  It's not at all uncommon to find them each curled up with a big pile next to them.
Whatever they find, they're never bored!!

Link up to see more fun posts on favorite activities.

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