Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thinking Back Thursdays

Does anyone else remember this show?  I always loved the teenage girls, and though they were sooooooo cool back in the day.  I found it replayed once on TV about 5 years or so ago, and never again since then.  I think I'm going to make a station with all of the best shows from the 80s/90s.  You'd tune in, right?

You Can't Say That on Television.

Now, what kid did not have the dream to one day be slimed?  

Only the best series of books EVAH!!!!  I had so many of these it's ridiculous.  I read every one, (I'm sure I missed any new ones if there are any) and would often read one a day.  I had the regular series, the Super Specials, the mysteries, the little sister series, movies, you name it.  I even wanted to set up my own baby-sitters club.  I have these all in a tote in our crawl space.  I'm so tempted to pull them out and start reading it again.  I think I might have a husband side-eyeing me for that one.  

Tales Of Two Girls

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  1. The babysitters club! I think I have everyone of them. I loved reading them!

  2. I used to love TBC books too! :)

  3. OH MY GOSH... I feel like you just jolted me back to 3rd grade!!! I LOVE this post!!!! :) 
    Now I'm all nostalgic... ahh, for it to be 1993 again! :)

  4. ha ha - I get all excited every week when I find things to post.  :)

  5. They were the greatest! I loved Claudia!

  6. We should get together.  I bet whatever ones I'm missing I could get from you. ;)

  7. I loved Just the 10 of Us!  I also read many of the BSC books.  My 9 year old daughter has read a few of them now, too!

  8. umm, a tv station of JUST 80's shows??  sign. me. up.

  9. i LOVE just the ten of us and wished i had sisters to start a girl singing group with. and the bsc? i may or may not have recently found my stash & read a couple pages (err chapters) of some. awesome post!


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