Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thinking Back Thursdays

Loved this game/show.  I remember sitting on those big 'ole computers with the floppy disks and playing this game.  Then it turned into a TV show and I'd be so excited to watch it after school.  
Do you remember these old printers?  One thing this paper was great for was printing banners, since the paper was all together.  I'd make a banner for every occasion possible.  My mom found a huge ream of white printer paper like this that the girls find perfect for coloring.  Kendall has perfected ripping off the edges and making accordions. :) 
What's cooler than snapping a bracelet onto your wrist?  Stumped?  Yeah, I can't think of anything, either.
The day we got a weekly reader at school was right up there on my list with the days they'd wheel in the TV for movie days.  I would scour that flyer and circle my wish lists of books.  Then to sit and wait patiently for my loot to arrive was torture.  But, when it did finally arrive....ahhhhh.  Heaven.  

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  1. those book lists still exist.  I have them come home from preschool with my son.  I did end up buying him some once, because I remember how excited I got when the books came in and my mom and dad bought me some!  so pumped! 

  2. I remember that book so vividly. And oh the snap bracelets- boy, do I remember them.

  3. I used to Love Carmen San Diego.  We used to play it in my middle school AG class! :)

  4. haha, AWESOME.  with each thing i was "WHAT?  YES!  HOLY CRAP, LOVED THAT!"  slap bracelets?  the book flier?  seriously, to be a kid again.

  5. I know, right?  If only I had the foresight to save all of that junk. I'm sure my kids would not have found it nearly as cool though. :)

  6. We did too!! :)

  7. I've heard the snap bracelets are still around!  I might have to start wearing them again. ;)

  8. Oh really? I have something to look forward to when my kids go to school! :)


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