Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Brain Dump

I had ideas for posts today, but I didn't get around to them.  So, I'll just make a list of random things, because lists make me happy.

  1. I finally finished our taxes last night.  When I added up what we spent on medical expenses, I through up in my mouth a little.  Even with insurance, it's still possible to spend that much is just crazy.  Kendall's surgeries (and my God doesn't want me to be on birth control surgery) contributed to it, but geez.  The best part, I could deduct $318.  $318 freaking dollars out of all that.  Damn you, tax 7.5% rule. {Now is when you can picture me shaking my fist at Uncle Sam}
  2. As I said, I finally finished our taxes!! This is the happy part because tax refund time is right up there for me with Christmas.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know refunds are bad.  I know I gave Uncle Sam an interest free loan.  Blah blah blah.  Right now it makes me happy, because in about a week, I should have a nice little gift back, that will show up right in my bank account.
  3. Eric tried to say he should use said refund for a hunting trip.  I said we should bring the kids to Disney World.  I asked Kendall if she'd like to see Mickey, where she ran saying she wants to go to Mickey Land.  Eric rained on our parade and said we would go when Sydney was a little bigger, like Kendall is.  The rest of the night Kendall would stand next to her sister to measure her, asking if she grew yet.  I guess Mommy should have kept her trap shut.  
  4. Although Disney is a bust, Eric okayed a trip for the two of us!!!!  Ok, I'm beyond excited.  Like, within 2 minutes I was on Expedia {admit it, you just sang dot com! in your head didn't you? It's ok, it happens to the best of us}looking for resorts to go to.  Mamacita is happy now!
  5. I went to Zumba last night.  I'd kind of like to see a video of me doing it.  I picture this, only dancing:
  6. I got in my car this morning to find the temp was 0.  ZERO.  I want that insane-how is it winter-global warming must be in effect-I could handle this every year-we can't complain type of weather back.  Zero.  It's so unfair.
  7. Number 6 reiterates my excitement for #4.
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