Thursday, February 2, 2012

Check out the February Sponsors!

You have to check out all of these awesome February sponsors.  There are some amazing blogs here! :)

It's a Vol!
Two parents.  One baby.  Four dogs.  Two cats.  One small house.  Welcome to our world.

Home for Three: The Story of a World Changed by One Tiny Addition
The adventures of a little boy named Charlie with a dash of crafts, recipes, and my best attempt at home making.

Courteous Curtis & The Parents
Hi, I'm Chelsey! I am the main writer on our family blog, although I"m sure our son would love to type on my keyboard!  Our blog is a journal about family memories, sharing recipes, trials of trying to conceive baby #2, sprinkled in with some random (and most likely embarrassing) stories of my attempt at being a stay at home Mom.

My Attempt @ Motherhood
My Attempt At Motherhood
Hi, my name is Andrea! I blog over at My Attempt at Motherhood.  Mama to Quinn (girl version) and wife to Anthony.  I started blogging to chronicle my first year of motherhood and all of the moments I would surely forget.  I could barely remember my own name, much less my daughter's first month stats, so I figured I would put it all down on paper (keyboard?)  My journey through motherhood, wife-hood and trying not to be a 24/7 hot mess.

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  1. good luck with your give away!  I will check out the sponsors too.


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