Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Paint me a pretty picture.

I haven't posted for a few days.  The weekend was a little busy.  Kendall and I spent Saturday at my parents digging through all of their old pictures for their upcoming 40th anniversary party.  OMG, they were hilarious!!  Sunday, I had hoped to update and ran into some computer problems.  Now, you may be thinking, "Wasn't she going shopping on Black Friday to get a new computer?  Problems already??"  Oh, yes.  I bought my shiny new MacBook Pro, and I think I got a lemon.

Everyone and their brother told me to get a Mac and you won't get viruses or have it lock up.  Only me.  Once and a while a program I'm in would shut down and I would get an error message.  Ok, whatever.  Then, I started getting a message that I needed to restart my computer.  That message was in about 7 different languages, just to drive the point home.  Ok, annoying.  It had started acting up more and more, and then Sunday we reached our breaking point.  For Christmas I got a new wireless copier/scanner/printer.  I was trying to install it, so I could get to scanning the million pictures we brought home from my parents.  The stupid thing kept shutting down on me.  I called Apple and was on the phone for an hour or so, when we decided to just reinstall the hard drive.  That was supposed to take an hour.  It took me 6 because I'd get less than 1 minute from the end, and it'd restart or shut down.  As you can imagine, at this point I'm none to happy.  By 9pm it finally works, but after logging into the internet, I get the same error messages.  I called Apple again, but by this time the representatives where probably home in bed...where I should've been ready to go.

I brought it into Best Buy yesterday, and they have to send it out.  Now we're back to our crappy old one for about 2 weeks. :(  The bright spot in my Sunday, though, was hanging out with my two little buddies.  We dug out some of Kendall's paint and decided to do a little artwork.

These are all straight from my camera, so I didn't get any editing done on them.

What a surprise that Kendall chose to start with green!
Can you see the concentration on her face? lol

Ok, how about now??  ha ha

Sydney learned it was more fun to just paint her fingers.


It's dangerous to get a scratch on your ear when you're busy painting!

Kendall is still hard at it.

I can't remember if this was a yawn, or Sydney trying to taste it.  Both happened...more often trying to lick her fingers.

Suddenly realizing what a mess she was
Bath time came a little early that day!

Time for some cuddles and Dora while mama got lunch ready.

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