Friday, December 2, 2011

Y3W | My Poor Babies

Wednesday night, we had a crappy night of sleep in our house.  The girls alternated waking up whining about every half an hour.  Kendall moved to the floor in our room, only to continue crying in her sleep.  That morning, she said, "Mama, I sick."  No temp, no signs of vomiting or anything, just congested.  I figured she came down with a cold and packed them up to go to daycare.

I got a call yesterday afternoon that Kendall had a temp of 102.8 and Sydney around 100.  Turns out every kid there came to daycare with a bad cold yesterday.  At least when they all come down with it the same day, there isn't one in particular to blame. :)

When we got home, we found that Eric beat us there and had a little resting area all set up for them.
Last night consisted of a lot of resting and cartoons to try to help them feel better.  After that was a nice warm bath to try to clear out their sinuses.  Look at poor Sydney's sick puppy eyes!
Kendall bounced out of bed this morning and said, "Momma, I feel all better.  I not sick anymore!"  We were about to get ready for daycare, when I noticed she still had a 102* temp. :(  Daddy is staying home with the kids today, so hopefully they are back to normal soon.  There is a Santa in town tonight that Kendall has been anxious to see.  I might just sit on his lap and ask for a healthy family this winter.  Or tissues in my stocking.  That might be more realistic.  :/

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