Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday | Christmas 2011, Vol. II

In case you missed the first post of our Christmas fun, you can catch it here. Also, this won't really fit the "wordless" part of Wordless Wednesdays, but oh well! :)  Christmas Eve we our next get together at Eric's grandma's house.  Sydney entertained herself with a booster chair for quite a while.
The girls got little coloring books in their gifts.  Kendall decided to lay right in the middle of the floor and read her book.
The girls got some new jambes from Great-Grandma!
Sydney got a slide from her Aunt Emily, and let me tell you - this thing is a hit in our house!
Since we were gone all afternoon, Sydney missed her nap.  So, unfortunately, she was out cold by 6pm and missed out on the Santa prep. :(  Kendall took over and carefully selected which cookies she wanted to leave for Santa.
She then decided that the reindeer liked to eat marshmallows, so we had to leave a bowl out on the floor.
Here is Kendall telling me about what happens when Santa comes. :)

Christmas morning!!  Sydney doesn't look it, but she was excited too! In fact, Kendall and Sydney had to share a hug over their excitement. lol
One of Kendall's favorite gifts to open was a photo book of pictures of her.  Go figure.  Vain little girl. :)
And, finally, here is a little video of Christmas morning and Kendall finding out that Santa did in fact stop by.  Sorry, it's sideways.

Whew!  That's our Christmas wrap up!  It was so much fun, and it was amazing to see the excitement through the kids' eyes.
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  1. So cute!!! Quinn has that same slide and O.M.G. She is obsessed. Up and down a million times, it's wonderful!

  2. looks like it all went perfectly!! love me some christmas jammies :)


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