Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Two Good Lookin' Ladies

Kendall has one Christmas dress, and so does Sydney.  That should be sufficient, right?  Every year, up until now, Kendall has had an abundance to choose from. We typically have multiple days of Christmas celebrations, and the kids can't show up in sweats!  This year, the majority of ours are crammed into Friday, one on Saturday, and then church on Sunday.  I figured I could just try to do a wash between Friday and Saturday and they could re-wear them.  I've had that nagging feeling all month that I needed another outfit.  Really, it's more fun for me to doll them up than it is for them.  I held out, all month.  I was being fiscally responsible and telling myself that they really don't need another dress.

Until Sunday.  I knew it was now or never and I caved. I went to Target to pick up a few things, and wouldn't you know, I ended up in the toddler clothes.  Before I knew it, I had adorable (almost) matching outfits in my cart.  Target is my weakness.  The first step is admitting, right??

Anyway, aren't they going to be adorable? :)

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  1. They are the sweeter matching outfits! You make me want two girls!! I totally spaced on Christmas outfits this year, and I feel awful! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Merry Christmas! Xxx


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