Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thinking Back Thursdays | Vol. 9

Ok, we've had a little break of the TBT posts, due to Kendall's surgery, and then stupid Pinterest errors.  But, we're back now!!
Remember choker necklaces?  These bad boys were so cool.  Even though the feeling of something tight against my neck always gave me the willies, I'd still sacrifice my feelings of suffocation for fashion.

I had these but in brown.  That was probably one of the best days of my high school life.  I found them recently and was tempted to start rocking them again.  You could always tell the knock offs because they didn't have the super cool yellow threading on them.  Posers.  ;)

This was one of my all time favorite movies.  I loved the little girl playing the saxophone!

Remember Swatch watches?  It was so cool to change out the bands, or the face plate or whatever it was to match your outfits for the day.

Oh, Tiffany.  I loved this tape.  Yes, you read that right, tape.  I am totally singing "I think we're alone now" in my head as I type this.  You hear it don't you?  That beat of the drum solo.
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  1. I remember all of these! Gosh I am so sorry that I totally missed that Kendall was having her second surgery! I am so glad that everything is well!!

  2. you know what's funny...chokers and those boots are making a come back. actually, so are those style of watches. haha! funny how things just come right back around.


  3. Tiffany and Swatch watches- you are making me nostalgic. Very cute post! Happy New Year!


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