Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thinking Back Thursday, Vol. 7

I missed last week due to Thanksgiving, but we're back with a bang! :)

First up is My So Called Life
OMG, the teenage angst!!!  Why couldn't Jordan just love Angela back?  Why couldn't Brian understand that Angela would never love him in return?  Why couldn't Rayanne get her shit together? Oh, how I loved Enrique in the show.  I seriously need to go find if this show has been released on DVDs.  
Two words that made school shopping the highlight of the end of summer - Lisa Frank.  Gah!  The rainbow seemed to have vomited all over unicorns and frogs and pandas, but it was the IT thing to have on your trapper keeper.  I had the trapper keepers, the notebooks, the folders, the pencils, the erasers, the stationary.  If it was Lisa Frank, it was in my back to school arsenal.  
That caption about sums it up.  Parachute day.  I could barely sit down my mystery meat and carton of milk fast enough to get to recess on these days.
Oregon Trail.  I spent forever trying to balance my assortment of supplies for the long trip with the weight my oxen could carry.  I had big dreams of the gold rush I would find when I finally made it out West.  I'd update my diary about the snake bite that my cousin would get, the cholera my poor mother would die from and I worked so hard at the hunting.  There was nothing worse than kicking ass with my rifle, only to find out the meat wouldn't all fit in my wagon.  Those lucky suckers coming up behind me.  And then it hit - dysentery.  Game Over.  Wah wah wah...

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  1. Lisa Frank,OMG, this post just made me relive 6th grade!

  2. LOVE THIS POST!! My so called life-yum, Jared Leto!


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