Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!

First of all, I'm being featured over at Twin Style today.  Go and check out Sam's blog, along with her super cute little twin girls.  I am writing about how Kendall is a master manipulator.  Tell her I sent you. :)

As you may remember, this is my FAVORITE time of year.  I love Christmas and everything about it.  One of my favorites is the decorating.  I love seeing how people decorate their homes, so I thought I'd give you a little tour of ours.

First up is what I like to call our family tree.  I got this little tree when I lived with my best friend in an apartment.  I use this one to display all of my, Eric's and the girls ornaments.  Both Eric and I were given all of the old ornaments from when we were kids, so it's funny to see them out every year.  And, it gives me an excuse for another tree. :)
On top of our kitchen cabinets, I have some lit garland and a Santa plate. 
When I was around 11 or 12, I started collecting Snow Village houses.  Every year for Christmas, I'll get 1 or 2 from my mom, and have already grown quite the collection.  I love them!!  Here are the houses upstairs.
And here are the houses downstairs.
I love the little town feel.
My mom would always be great at finding pieces that fit what was going on in my life at the time.  Like this bride and groom.  :)
This is our other tree, which is downstairs.  There is nothing better than sitting in the dark with the glow of lights from a tree (or two!).  
I wanted to attempt one of the "bokeh" tree pics. 
Now, you might think two trees would be enough (3 if you count the little one on the front porch), but who are we kidding!  In case you missed it yesterday, the girls have a little tree in their room as well.
Since we got married in December (watch for an anniversary edition Wordless Wednesday post coming up this week!), I am able to reuse some of the decorations.  
This is one of the displays in the kitchen on the hutch
I let the guests take home some of the holiday centerpieces from the wedding, because what were we going to do with all of them?  It's so fun to go to other's houses at this time of year and see them out on the tables.
This four letter word symbolizes the magic of this season to me.  
I knew right away I wanted to start my kids with a tradition gift every year.  For Kendall, it was Snowbabies.  I loved this one from the year she learned to walk.
And this one from the year Sydney was born, since Kendall loved to be Mommy's little helper with her new baby sister.
For Sydney, she will get snow globes.
I always have a hard time trying to determine where to put all of the adorable holiday cards we get.  We'd start off by taping them to the fridge.  However, we'd usually run out of space, and end up on the cabinets next to them.  I found this idea on pinterest and it is perfect!!  On our closet in the kitchen/entry way, I have a red ribbon running down the door.  I bought tiny little clothespins to pin the cards to as we get them.  I also have a dark green ribbon which will go on the other door.  Simple, cheap, and a perfect way to display the cards!
And a close up of our cards. :)
This one seems to be the girls favorite.  They take the snowman down and play with him, every day when we get home from daycare.  
What Christmas is complete without the chocolate calendars??

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  1. Haha, we have the same post title!! Your decorations are beautiful, I love the little houses!

  2. LOVE this post! I LOVE your pictures and all of your decorations!!! I love the idea about the cards too!!! I wish I could do it but my cats would tear them down!!!


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