Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011, Vol. I

I figured I'd break out our Christmas into 2 posts, because there are a LOT of pictures.  :)

Our Christmas started out when I got home from work Thursday night.  Now, everyone knows that Santa enjoys a cookie or two.  We certainly didn't want him to pass over our house, so it was time for some baking!  I have to be honest here.  While at my mom's the previous weekend, she made up the batch of cookies for me, so all we had to do was roll them out and bake them.  I guess no matter how old you get, your mommy still wants to take care of you. :)

The girls had lots of fun cutting out the different shapes.  (also, in case you were wondering, Eric was standing right next to Sydney in case she decided to tumble off her bar stool.  He's just not as cute to get in the picture and didn't have his Minnie Mouse pjs on.)
After the cookies were all baked, it was time to frost them.  Kendall, not surprisingly got the green frosting, and Sydney the yellow.  You may ask, "Why yellow frosting for Christmas?"  The answer....because I couldn't find the red food dye.  :)  Sydney frosted for about .012 seconds until she got a bit on her finger.  That finger then went into her mouth and her eyes lit up.  Why frost the cookies when you can just eat spoonfuls of frosting?!?  Kendall shortly followed suit, and so it was time to wrap it up.

Friday morning, we packed up and went to daddy's family for the morning.  I woke up with a little morning sickness.  I tried telling Eric that he had a surprise Christmas gift coming in 9 months.  He didn't find it as humorous as I did. (No, I am NOT pregnant.  I just like to freak him out a bit).  Before we could open gifts, we had to attempt a family picture.  I'm the second from the left.  Look 2 people over.  Like her shirt?  Now look back to me.  Yeah, we must have great taste. :)

It didn't take Kendall long before she was tearing into her presents.  Sydney caught right on as well and had fun with them.  Although, she realized that it was just as much fun to climb on the bigger gifts as it was to open them.  I need to find a baby rock wall and let her go to town.
Each of the grand kids get a Santa bag with their name on them filled with gifts.  I just realized now that I cut off poor Owen's head a little in this picture.  Sorry, Owen!
If you know me, you have probably heard me whine about how badly I had always wanted a power wheels.  I was going to buy one for the girls, but Eric didn't think it was necessary.  I was going to give him this year, and go for it next year.  However, Grandma and Grandpa surprised us all, and Kendall and Sydney are the proud new owners of a fancy new ride.
After the excitement of opening gifts the first time, Sydney (and Mommy) took a little nap.  Up next we headed to my parents for my dad's side and later my family.  The girls loved seeing all of their cousins that they don't get to play with nearly as much as we'd like.  Sydney, once again just liked hiding behind the bar stools.  We didn't have any luck with a family picture here. :(
Check back soon for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  To tide you off, here is a little video of Kendall singing Jingle Bells.  I'm telling you, the girl loves to see herself.  My new iPhone has a camera in the front, so I can record her while she watches herself.  That's why she sometimes makes the funny faces. :)


  1. My heart stopped when you said you had morning sickness! Glad you had a good christmas!

  2. Ha ha! I'm sneaky like that. :)

  3. Merry Christmas to my blogging friend! Your pictures are beautiful! I love the Barbi car


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