Friday, November 18, 2011

Y3W | Operation Christmas Card

Ok, ok.  Now I know we're supposed to respect the turkey and all, but I don't know if I can wait.  And really, it's only a week early, so it's totally ok, right??

Tomorrow I am hoping and praying to get our Christmas card picture completed.  I should have started a little earlier, because I'd like to get them ordered soon.  I've learned in the last 1.5 years that taking pictures with 2 little girls is no small task.  My futile attempt last year still has me weary.

Sydney was all smiles last year and ready to go:
 Ok, so far so good.  Next up is to add Kendall in the mix.  This should be easy enough, right?  Not so much.  I got them close to each other in one picture, but no smiles:
 Kendall next thought Sydney needed the Rudolph in the pictures.  Again, Sydney was ready with smiles.
 Kendall decided she needed to give Sydney a hug, Sydney pinched her nose, Kendall started screaming "Sydney pinched me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  You know, normal picture taking events.
By this time, Kendall was d.o.n.e.  She didn't want to get near Sydney, and wanted to sit and pout.  
We decided then to wait until the next day, and just try a family picture.  The camera malfunctioned and wouldn't turn on.  By the time it was working again, Kendall and Sydney both were over it.  By the time we convinced Kendall to stay in the picture we had to agree that she could keep her toy salt and pepper shakers.  And forget looking at the camera smiling.  
It has to go better this year, right?!?  We shall see.  In my ideal world, in the next two days we would get an amazing picture of the girls, the lights on the house, all three trees up (what?!?  It's normal to have more than one tree, isn't it?), the house decorated, my Snow Village houses up, the house cleaned, laundry finished and put away, and the girls photobooks completed and ordered.  Oh yeah, and make my Christmas shopping gift list.  Is that doable?  Yeah, that's what I thought. :/

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Day 18 of Thanks: I am thankful that my husband will (at least should be) home this weekend.  After being gone hunting from Thursday night through Sunday the last two weekends in a row, it'll be nice to have some help around the house.  Or at least to try to distract the kids while I work on my Christmas decorating.

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  1. This whole post cracked me up. I love the Kendall pouty face - definitely Holiday Card worthy.

  2. cute pics! i need to get on that, b/c this is the first year we are doing christmas cards! i am excited!!

    thank you, thank YOU for the blog award :). i'm blushing.


  3. So yeah. Your to do list looks like mine. Except we are taking pictures next Saturday. It's handy having a MIL as a photographer. I hope y'all get a fantastic picture and both girls cooperate! :)

  4. Hi I'm a new follower from the Y3W Hop.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the second and forth pictures - so cute!

    I'm doing my first Christmas card this year that I want to design myself and I haven't started yet. I should get on that!!

    Feel free to stop by my blog any time,

    For Love of Cupcakes

  5. So, how did it go?

    PS I picked you!

  6. So cute! I love these pictures. Your girls are so absolutely adorable!

  7. @ Sara - The pictures went well. I'll try to post some tomorrow. :) Thanks so much for the vote!!!


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