Friday, November 4, 2011

Y3W: Black Friday Countdown

21 days until......

I never understood the mentality of people who would shop on Black Friday.  Having to deal with this:
or this:
and don't even get me started on these crazies:

Last year I decided to give it a go.  holycrapthingsaredirtcheap!!!!  I didn't get up at 2 am to go, but I got to the stores around 7.  Maybe that's why it wasn't so bad?  The crazies were already back home in bed?  Anywho, I was hooked.  This year, I'm going for a game plan.  I'm going to team up and score big!!  I avoided Best Buy last year...and Toys R Us...actually, come to think of it, I mostly just shopped for clothes for myself.  Oops, you're not supposed to do that right?  Erm, anyway.  

I'm in the market for a new computer since ours is sooooooooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww.  Also, a cute little baby of mine, whom shall remain nameless *coughSydneycough*, decided that ripping half of the keys off once, was not a big enough pain for her mother.  It only took me about 3.5 hours to get those back on.  This time she went for gold.  23.  23 keys she ripped off, and I got 2 back on.  Let me tell ya, it's a good thing she's cute or there would be an ad in the paper for her.  

Do I dare hitting Best Buy on Black Friday for a new computer?  It's tempting.  Really tempting.  I better start my sprinting and stretching exercises now.  

Do you hit the stores on this big shopping day?  Where are your go-tos?  What advice do you have for a newb?

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Also, I started in yesterday's post with my 30 Days of Thanks.  Today, I am thankful for the amazing medical advancements that have giving my dad and my brother in law hope in fighting cancer.  Statistics are only that, and I have have seen some miracles and know that more are to come.  

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  1. I love your "holycrapthingsaredirtcheap" hehe. I *LOVE* black friday! I never went shopping early in the day (we would get up normal time and head out) when i was growing up, but once i moved to a more city environment I am up at the crack of dawn with everyone else - ok not 2am, but 430/5am! Last year I didn't get out until 7 because of the baby! This year, its going to be 5 am and I CANNOT WAIT! We are in the market for a netbook laptop as well and toys, gifts, etc. AHH! I CAN'T WAIT!

    Here is a big hint: get online at midnight - a lot of stores will put their deals online as well!!

  2. You are a brave one! I always say I will go every year and then I chicken out! My family has had the best luck at Best Buy, so if you do go, good luck!

  3. @Heather - that's a great idea about going online. Can you buy a lot online without going to the stores? What kind of laptop are you getting. I'm itching for a Macbook, but I don't think those go on sale. :(

  4. I used to think that black friday shoppers were nuts too, but then I had a baby, and now with another one on the way... I WISH we had a black friday in Canada!! Boxing day for us is good, but nothing like black friday and it's already past Christmas. Whats the point of a great sale when you've already spent all your money? You just end up going in and leaving all pissed that you paid way more for it the week before! I would totally be all over toys r us this year.

  5. @Jenn - can you buy any of the US Black Friday deals on line? What is it, Cyber Monday or something? I don't know what shipping is like though.

  6. After working retail on black friday.. never again will I go out LOL!
    Our outlet malls open up at 12AM on Friday. There is traffic backed up the highway of people going there. It's insane!!

  7. @Tessa - I got a laptop last year at like 10pm CST from sams club the night of thanksgiving! They do put quite a bit online apparently. it's worth a shot!

    i'm just looking for one of those tiny netbooks (usually $200-300) for my husband to use for school.

  8. (visiting from a link up)-
    This post cracked me up! I am a total crazy black friday shopper! but, not because I typically need a MUST HAVE, inexpensive item, but because my husband and I love to PEOPLE WATCH all the other crazies while we laugh and drink our hat cocoa. Don't get me wrong, we shop too- but the free entertainment is priceless! Happy Holidays!

  9. I love Black Friday! Even when I worked retail for five years, it was my favorite shopping day of the year! There may be crazy crowds and long lines, but people are friendlier than any other shopping day of the year because they're so excited about the great deals they're getting and all the other people who are just as crazy as them.

    I think I saved about $700 shopping on Black Friday last year. It was AWESOME.

  10. oooh, you should totally try to get a computer! do it do it.


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