Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning, Kendall and I ran some errands and had her three year pictures taken.  We stopped into Best Buy to get me on the list for the new iPhone 4s.  I had the 3 and it was crazy slow, broken screen, and all around frustrating.  After swearing at it too many times, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get a new one.  Low and behold, they just got a new shipment in, so I went home with this.
sing the Handel Hallelujah Chorus in your head as you look at this beauty.  I did.
I was going to wait for a case, thinking it'd be a good thing to put on my Christmas list.  BUT, after dropping and cracking my screen not only once, but twice (and dropping without cracking more times than I can count) I figured I better not take my chances.
And yes, I chose pink.  You can't tell me you're surprised by that.
I've spent the rest of the weekend updating and playing with it.  Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!  Big improvement. BIG!!

After Kendall's pictures (adorbs, seriously adorbs.  I'll post when I get them back), we went to get Sydney from my parents since Eric was out of town for the weekend.  While there, I got the memory of a little red dress that I wore around Kendall's age.  I did a quick surprise search in the guestroom closet, and voila!
Up next we found my mom's wedding dress which I put on.  My dad thought it was mine at first...40 years apparently hasn't led to a change in wedding fashions. ;) I didn't get a picture of that, but I think he did!

And now, for the 30 days of thanks.  I was bad and didn't get around to blogging this weekend, since I was busy with my phone. ;)  Here is my recap:

Day 5:  I'm thankful for the Hey Dude replays I've found.  Ahhh, sweet nostalgia.

Day 6: I'm thankful my kids paid attention to daylight savings time, even if I didn't and woke up before them.

Day 7: I'm thankful for having family so close.  It's great to see our parents as often as we are able to, and the girls love seeing the grandparents.  It also leads to so much help when it comes to baby-sitting.

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  1. 1 - Yay for new iphone - i upgraded from 3 as well and wow what a different - I have the regular 4G though. I want to play with Siri though!

    2- Where did you find Hey Dude replays?!?! I LOVED that show! Heyyyy Duuuudddeee!

  2. I was hesitant with the Siri, because the voice activated stuff never seems to work for me and I get frustrated. It's really good though! I realized I left the box at the store, so on my drive I said, "Call Best Buy in XX, Minnesota" It picked it up and called right away!!

    The Hey Dude is on Teen Nick. I think at 10 or 10:30pm. They have a 90s block with that, Doug and All That. I have it on my DVR. :)

  3. oh my goodness - thanks for telling me about Teen Nick.. i'm going to set the DVR up! sweet!


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