Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thinking Back Thursday Vol. 6

I'm having so much fun every week remembering different things from my youth.  From shows, toys, clothes, food, songs, etc.  I love them all. :)
remember this show?  I'm the baby!

Finding the Indian with the shooting star was so exciting.

I loved my My Little Ponies.  I had a stable and so many horses.  There were even
a couple that had wings and I could make them fly.

Hyper Color Shirts!!!

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Also, link up with Heather, at Terrell Family Fun for more 30 Days of Thanks! 

Day 16: I'm thankful we live in an environment that my children are able to access and enjoy an education.  Kendall is having so much fun learning new things and constantly amazes me with how much knowledge that little head already holds. 

Day 17: I'm thankful I wore my puffy winter coat today.  It's effing cold out there.  Brrr.....

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  1. I remember the Indian shooting the star! What was the deal with that? Good luck or something! I had a ton of My Little Ponies!

  2. I remember it all! "Not the mama!!!" Loved Dinosaurs!


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