Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thinking Back Thursday Vol. 5

This made that elusive t-shirt knot so much easier to perfect! 
I loved these little popples.  I think I had this exact one.
Scratch N Sniff Stickers!  I LOVED these.
You had to be careful not to go too hardcore in your playing or the heads would pop off.  There was nothing worse than winning only to lose your head.  Oh yeah, if you play with me, the pink one is always mine.  Just warning you. :)
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Tales Of Two Girls

Also, link up with Heather, at Terrell Family Fun for more 30 Days of Thanks! 

Day 10: You know that feeling where you wake up and think it's time to get up?  You then look at the clock and realize it's only 3am so you still get 3 more hours of sleep?  Best feeling ever.  Today I am thankful for my morning starting out right, like that. :)

I have a great "thankful" post for tomorrow, complete with video.  Is the suspense enough to make you want to stop back?  I hope so. :)
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