Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thinking Back Thursdays: Vol. I

My Pinterest Addiction has now added another benefit.  I keep finding all of these old things that I forgot about.  It's hilarious looking back and remembering things that I loved!  I'm going to start a new post on Thursdays to flash back to one toy/game/show/food/book what have you from the past.

I recently found that Nick Teen is airing Hey Dude again at nights.  O.M.G.  forgot how much I loved
this show.  It may now be on my DVR.  Don't know you're going to watch it now.
Why didn't I think of making a fishing box in girl colors?  This thing was awesome to
store all of my wet n wild makeup.  I may have to go searching for this old gem.
I thought I was going to be the next big designer after all of my work with this.
Again, time to go raiding my parents toy cabinets.

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  1. Better watch our for that killer cacti, and them man eating jack-rabbits! Heeeeeey Dude! LOVE IT! Found a new item for my Christmas list! haha!

  2. Haha! oops! I have those backwards I think! But either way it's an awesome show!

  3. LOL, I remembered the whole song once I heard it again too.

  4. haha! i think i had that drawing kit...awesomeness.


  5. So funny. Weren't those called caboodles. Great fun! I staffers a sat link up for your kids funny laughs if you are interested today or next week. Have a great weekend!

  6. loved Hey Dude! still have a caboodle and just saw the "design" fashion plates on pinterest this week! :)


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