Friday, September 23, 2011

Y3W: We Miss Daddy

The hubs left Saturday morning for a hunting trip in Colorado.  Since we had to go down to my sister's and SIL's Friday night, it feels like he was gone longer.

Let me tell you, I give credit to single parents out there.  I'm tired!!  The week has been crazy busy with the racethe zoo, and lots of visitors and play dates.  As fun as it has all been, we want daddy back home soon.

I brought my camera with me today to post all of the fun pictures from the week.  But alas, I forgot the cord so it doesn't do much good. :/

So instead, I'll tell you to just go back and look at my two weirdos stuck in the bar stool.  lol

Tonight, my friends I am indulging.  My friend, Lisa is stopping over.  After the girls are in bed, this momma is having some wine.  Ahhhh.....

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