Friday, September 30, 2011

Y3W: Barney or Bust

Remember that creepy, annoying dinosaur?  With the goofy laugh and awful "I love you.." song?  After my baby-sitting years, oh 10+ years ago, I thought I was done with him.  I forgot one oh so important fact.  With DVDs, this little (big?) dinosaur will live on forever.  FOREVER!

And right now? He's living at our daycare.  The kids get to watch a little bit of the video while she preps lunch, and they LOVE him.  I got a call from my friend and daycare provider to tell me that Barney and friends were coming to Minneapolis.  She wanted to bring her little boy (2 months younger than Kendall, and her very best friend) and wanted to see if the two of us wanted to go also.  So, I do what any good mother would do.  I order the tickets.  The show is tomorrow.

When we told Kendall about it, she jumped around saying, "I get to go to Bowny's house!"  She then grabbed her backpack, filled it with her books and undies and said, "I'm ready to go!"

After talking her down that it's not quite time yet, the next night I was working on laundry.  She decided to roll her clothes in a ball and mess up my piles help me, and our conversation went like this:
Kendall: Mommy, you wash my Dora panties for me?
Me: Yes, I did!
Kendall: Oh, thank you mommy!  You wash my Minnie panties, too?
Me: Yep
K: Oh, thank you momma!  It makes me happy when you wash my panties for me.  {Seriously, I hope that's all it takes to make her happy 10 years from now!}:starts rolling more clothes into a ball: Mommy, Bowny's gonna see how I'm helping you now, and he's gonna be so proud of me.  I'm gonna tell him this when we go to his house.

Now, if only that enthusiasm to be good kept up.  Last night as she was picking on her sister, we told her if she didn't listen she wasn't going to Barney.  You think she stopped?  No, she replied, "Is Sydney going to go instead of me?"  We said yes.  "Ok, Sydney you gonna go see Bowny!  You so happy now??"  Sigh.  It was nice while it lasted.

So, tomorrow at 1pm, think of me and the mind-numbing beautiful music I will be listening to.  Do you think it'd be frowned upon to bring a flask.  I kid, I kid....mostly.

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  1. LOL Thank you for the morning laugh! Hope you have a mind numbing time! ;)

    Newest follower from Y3W!

  2. This totally cracked me up! I like your blog and am a new follower! I have two girls as well :) Could you please follow me back? I hope your Barney experience is not too awful!


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