Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Kendall's new bike!

Kendall has been begging for a bike, and we kept telling her once she kept going potty like a big girl she could get it.  She had been wanting a Dora bike, but when Eric and I got to Toys R Us, we realized the Dora bikes were all too big, so she got:
Since my parents had the girls Friday night, I went to pick them up on Saturday.  I was going to put her bike together myself, and then realized the box called for all kinds of crazy things like hammers and wrenches.  On to plan B.  Poppy T can put it together!
Although the Dora bike was a no go, we found a Dora helmet and bell:
Here is Kendall seeing she got a new bike.  Watch for Sydney at the end.  My dad couldn't hold on to her any longer.

She was pretty happy!  Look at that little tongue sticking out.  That's concentration, folks.

**Be sure to check back tomorrow.  We have a guest post from Melissa from The Mommyhood Chronicles about brushing techniques for toddlers.

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  1. Your girls are adorable! I love the pink bike!

    I am a new follower from the blog hop!

  2. Too cute!! Love the Dora bike and she looks so happy!

  3. just adorable! And that Pinkalicious bike is soo cute!


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