Thursday, September 29, 2011

Squealing in the end of summer

It's almost October {wha???? Didn't September just start??} so it was a nice surprise to get some beautiful weather yesterday.  After a quick dinner, we decided to head out for a wagon ride and a trip to the neighborhood park.  It was bittersweet knowing that these days were coming to an end for the year, and when we were back Sydney would be almost 2 {nooooo!!!!!}
yeah, not sure what face Sydney was making. lol
The trail to the park ends a bit before the playground, so there is a large grassy area that is perfect for running out some pre-bedtime energy.  Yes, this trip may have ulterior motives.  Sydney decided to hold my hand.  I love the feeling of tiny little fingers holding on.  Love.
Kendall will be three in a month, and the little chicken is finally excited about the slides and will go down by herself now.  Sydney on the other fear.  At all.  I'm always chasing after her to make sure she doesn't run off the ledge for the monkey bars, or slide head first down the big slides.  I guess this trip also worked as a work out for mommy.  3 for 3 here.  The girls decided they wanted to start the park out with the swings.  I love the squeals as Kendall would say, "I love when you push me so high momma!" and Sydney would just excitedly nod her head in agreement.
Up next, it was time to explore.
And then, we found the slides...where I was chasing after Sydney over and over and over.  Kendall kept saying, "Imma go one more time!"  It's a miracle we aren't still there.
Finally, I was able to corral the two up to head back home.
Calling daddy to tell him about all the fun we had.

Do you know what else makes them sqeal with happiness?  A vote or two! :)
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  1. what a fun time! i cannot wait to be able to play with madeline like this!


  2. Stopping by from the blog hop. I love your photos!! I am now a follower, will you please follow back :)

  3. I adore her little ponytail!!! So cute! And your little Sydney looks right at home on the phone! :)

  4. Very cute! My girl always does the same with phones. And anything vaguely electronic. FOr a long while she used remote controles like a phone. Haha.

  5. love the slide pictures... so cute!!

  6. They are too cute together!! Such great pictures. They loved summer!


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