Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Husband is An Idiot

Yesterday I had Sydney's 15 month appointment.  She was so awesome!  She just sat on my lap, as perfect as can be while the nurse did the exam.  I was told this was her easiest well baby visit ever.  Of course, this mommy was nice and proud.

The appointment confirmed what I already knew.  My child is a peanut (but an adorable peanut!).
Weight - 19lb15oz (5%)
Length - 30.25" (50%)
Head - 18.5" (80%)

Although she's little, the doctor wasn't concerned.  She can eat and eat and eat.  We usually have to take food from Kendall's plate to give to Sydney.  She is just so active that she doesn't keep anything on.

After her shots, I was chatting with one of the nurses.  We have a family doctor, so for the past three years I've been going at least every three months for either well baby visits or OB visits.  I think I should get a frequent patient card.  Maybe get a free cup of coffee or something.  Anyway, while chatting the nurse told me that I looked thinner than before I had kids.  I don't think I am, but she won my co-pay right there.

Here is where my husband is an idiot.  Last night, while filling him in on her appointment, I told him what the nurse said to me and laughed.  His response? "But, she never saw you before you had kids."  Sigh, just shut up and tell me you think I look nice.

Then later in the night, I told him how the doctor wasn't concerned about Sydney's low weight.  She had said, "Just looking at her, she has plenty of chub on her.  She's just petite."
Eric's response - "She's just like her mama."
Me: Insert hand to forehead.  "Um, what?  Are you saying I have plenty of chub?"
E: "Uh...no...I didn't mean...gah, I meant...just forget it.  I'm not saying anything anymore."


And he's on my sh!t list because I'm pretty sure he hid the iPad on me.  I haven't seen it in a couple of days.  He says he didn't, but interesting how it disappeared after he complained I'm always on it.  Hmmm....either that or Kendall has it hidden in her room somewhere playing the popping bubble game.

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