Thursday, September 1, 2011

Link Up - Let's Dress Up

September.  Holy crap, how is it September???  I think it's safe to say that I can stop ignoring the chill I feel in the air and admit defeat.  Fall is  here.  The one upside to fall, is breaking out those comfy jeans and sweaters.  As I was going through my closet this morning, trying to find something to wear for work that I wasn't completely sick of, I realized this mama needs to go shopping.  I need some new fall staples.

As I was playing around on Pinterest {have I mentioned my obsession lately?} I found some looks to get inspired.  I'm loving the burnt orange look.

This is all the more incentive to reach my goal weight and get shopping!  So tell me, what are your fall must haves.  What do you always fall back on in your closet, or what are your new wants for the upcoming season.  Let's link up and inspire me!

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