Friday, September 2, 2011

Let's talk potty training...

I am beyond frustrated with potty training Kendall.  She started showing interest and signs at 18 months, so we started.  She really liked going on the potty chair, and I was just positive she'd be fully trained long before she was two.  My child was a genius.  This was a piece of cake.  Ugh, not so much.

We didn't push it too much to start with.  I had a new baby that I was constantly breastfeeding so I was tied to the chair in the living room for about 70% of the day.  They were outside a lot, so we weren't always near her potty chair.  We decided to push it more in the fall.  After all, it'd happen in no time, right??

I figured there would be no way she'd be in diapers come summer, so it wouldn't be an issue being outside again.  Now, her 3rd birthday is creeping up and she is fighting me.  She'll go...when she wants to.  If she's playing she'll fight against going on the potty chair.  If she has to poop, she'll be quiet and do it in her diaper.  If I ask her if she has to go, she'll reply "Not yet.  I'm still dry" as I see her pants bulging from the full diaper.  I'm at the end of my rope with her.

As much as I want to get out and enjoy this nice, long weekend I think we are going to hole up at home and really commit.  Tonight, the diapers are thrown out.  I'm going to throw myself into the "3 Day Potty Training Guide".  Have you seen this?  A friend e-mailed it to me, and it really makes sense.  Essentially, you get rid of all diapers/pull ups.  Even for nap and bed time.  You are with them constantly and not really doing much else.  As soon as they start to go, you whisk them onto the toilet.  I'm going to expect a lot of accidents, but I'm hoping it'll get better quickly.

Kendall has been wanting a bike (now it's a Dora bike).  We always told her it'd be her potty training treat, but I think it's not connecting for her yet.  I'm planning on stopping tonight on my way home to pick it up.  If she sees it, maybe it'll help.  We had plans to go to a friend's house and hang out with their two small kids Saturday night.  I think I will either have to cancel, or have them come to ours.

If you've successfully potty trained, what worked for you?  We've done treats, praise, sticker charts, underwear, even punishments.  Nothing has held.  How does my almost 3 year old keep outsmarting me??

Wish me luck!  I'll try to update with the progress (let's hope progress) as we go.

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  1. I wish I could be more helpful, but I was SO lucky with my first 3... Really had no issues. Praying my baby trains as easily as his siblings did!
    Good luck to you!!
    Following back from the hop! Thanks so much! Have a fabulous weekend! =)

  2. oh man, i dread dread DREAD potty training parker! good luck!

  3. Thank you so much for the follow! I'm now your newest follower

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