Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby Fever

My baby fever has been hitting a high point lately.  I am surrounded by pregnancy announcements, and itty bitty newborns.  It just makes my uterus ache even thinking about it.  In my head, I know 2 would probably be a good number.  It's a better fit in our house.  We wouldn't have to buy a new/bigger vehicle.  We aren't outnumbered.  We could provide more financially for 2 vs. 3.  

But...I just done feel done.  I mean, look at this gooey, chunky, adorable little face?
Kendall Day 1
And seriously, what is better than holding a newborn baby and cuddling on your chest?
When Sydney joined our family, I knew that I had more than enough room in my heart to love them both.  Again, those chunky cheeks won me right over.  Is there anything more amazing than the anticipating building, and finally meeting your daughter?
How do you ever know when you're done?  Do you look at it with your head and make a logical decision?  Do you go with your heart and know when your family is complete?  I know (or am trying to *know*) that right now is not the right time.  So, in the meantime I'll have to look back on my pictures and try to remember that cuddly, amazing newborn stage.  Sigh, I need a cure for this baby fever!

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  1. This post is giving me baby fever and I have a 6 mnth old. I knew I wasnt done after Hayley as well as knowing that I don't feel done with Zane either. I always envisioned three but will be happy now with my two. Thanks for the sweet comments on my site. I added your button:)

  2. I know the feeling! I always swore I would never have more than two, but now haveing just the one, I keep telling my husband that I can't imagine only doing this one more time. Hah! I totally have baby fever and E is only six months old!

  3. You have to go with your heart always, no regrets!

  4. I didn't feel done at 3, but my husband said we were DONE! I prayed about it, because my heart felt like we were still missing someone. I wanted God to take that feeling and make me ok with what we had, or change my husband's heart. We have 4 kids now... =) The baby fever has been hitting me a bit again, but more because it is EVERYWHERE right now, not because I feel like we are still missing someone. I'd be happy to have more, but I'm content with the 4 blessings God has given us!
    I'd say pray about it and God will make it known! And obviously I think lots of kids is great... The more the merrier! Go for it!!!! =)


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