Friday, September 30, 2011

Y3W: Barney or Bust

Remember that creepy, annoying dinosaur?  With the goofy laugh and awful "I love you.." song?  After my baby-sitting years, oh 10+ years ago, I thought I was done with him.  I forgot one oh so important fact.  With DVDs, this little (big?) dinosaur will live on forever.  FOREVER!

And right now? He's living at our daycare.  The kids get to watch a little bit of the video while she preps lunch, and they LOVE him.  I got a call from my friend and daycare provider to tell me that Barney and friends were coming to Minneapolis.  She wanted to bring her little boy (2 months younger than Kendall, and her very best friend) and wanted to see if the two of us wanted to go also.  So, I do what any good mother would do.  I order the tickets.  The show is tomorrow.

When we told Kendall about it, she jumped around saying, "I get to go to Bowny's house!"  She then grabbed her backpack, filled it with her books and undies and said, "I'm ready to go!"

After talking her down that it's not quite time yet, the next night I was working on laundry.  She decided to roll her clothes in a ball and mess up my piles help me, and our conversation went like this:
Kendall: Mommy, you wash my Dora panties for me?
Me: Yes, I did!
Kendall: Oh, thank you mommy!  You wash my Minnie panties, too?
Me: Yep
K: Oh, thank you momma!  It makes me happy when you wash my panties for me.  {Seriously, I hope that's all it takes to make her happy 10 years from now!}:starts rolling more clothes into a ball: Mommy, Bowny's gonna see how I'm helping you now, and he's gonna be so proud of me.  I'm gonna tell him this when we go to his house.

Now, if only that enthusiasm to be good kept up.  Last night as she was picking on her sister, we told her if she didn't listen she wasn't going to Barney.  You think she stopped?  No, she replied, "Is Sydney going to go instead of me?"  We said yes.  "Ok, Sydney you gonna go see Bowny!  You so happy now??"  Sigh.  It was nice while it lasted.

So, tomorrow at 1pm, think of me and the mind-numbing beautiful music I will be listening to.  Do you think it'd be frowned upon to bring a flask.  I kid, I kid....mostly.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Squealing in the end of summer

It's almost October {wha???? Didn't September just start??} so it was a nice surprise to get some beautiful weather yesterday.  After a quick dinner, we decided to head out for a wagon ride and a trip to the neighborhood park.  It was bittersweet knowing that these days were coming to an end for the year, and when we were back Sydney would be almost 2 {nooooo!!!!!}
yeah, not sure what face Sydney was making. lol
The trail to the park ends a bit before the playground, so there is a large grassy area that is perfect for running out some pre-bedtime energy.  Yes, this trip may have ulterior motives.  Sydney decided to hold my hand.  I love the feeling of tiny little fingers holding on.  Love.
Kendall will be three in a month, and the little chicken is finally excited about the slides and will go down by herself now.  Sydney on the other fear.  At all.  I'm always chasing after her to make sure she doesn't run off the ledge for the monkey bars, or slide head first down the big slides.  I guess this trip also worked as a work out for mommy.  3 for 3 here.  The girls decided they wanted to start the park out with the swings.  I love the squeals as Kendall would say, "I love when you push me so high momma!" and Sydney would just excitedly nod her head in agreement.
Up next, it was time to explore.
And then, we found the slides...where I was chasing after Sydney over and over and over.  Kendall kept saying, "Imma go one more time!"  It's a miracle we aren't still there.
Finally, I was able to corral the two up to head back home.
Calling daddy to tell him about all the fun we had.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Ok, so I know Sydney has been on solids for months.  I guess I took a little step backwards when I found these pouches.  They are the perfect little snack for her while I'm making dinner and she's whining she's hungry.  It's a great way to get a little extra fruits and veggies in her.
 She loved them!  Look at this face.  Seriously, what kind of face is this??  I crack up every time I see this picture
 Eric got home Saturday afternoon, after his long trip to Colorado.  Kendall welcomed him home in true Kendall style - with a tea party. :)

Also, you guys are amazing me with the votes.  Every day we're jumping up! <3

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I never thought I'd say these 3 words

I joined Twitter.  It's only been around for, like years???  I don't know why, but I would just never commit to it.  I've seen how it is a great way for all of the bloggers to connect, so I thought I'd finally dip my toes in.  So, help this virgin out.  I have know idea what I'm doing here.  Who are your favorites to follow?  Are you on a lot?  If anyone is interested in finding me, you can find me @TalesOf2Girls.

Great, another thing to distract me.  ;)

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby Fever

My baby fever has been hitting a high point lately.  I am surrounded by pregnancy announcements, and itty bitty newborns.  It just makes my uterus ache even thinking about it.  In my head, I know 2 would probably be a good number.  It's a better fit in our house.  We wouldn't have to buy a new/bigger vehicle.  We aren't outnumbered.  We could provide more financially for 2 vs. 3.  

But...I just done feel done.  I mean, look at this gooey, chunky, adorable little face?
Kendall Day 1
And seriously, what is better than holding a newborn baby and cuddling on your chest?
When Sydney joined our family, I knew that I had more than enough room in my heart to love them both.  Again, those chunky cheeks won me right over.  Is there anything more amazing than the anticipating building, and finally meeting your daughter?
How do you ever know when you're done?  Do you look at it with your head and make a logical decision?  Do you go with your heart and know when your family is complete?  I know (or am trying to *know*) that right now is not the right time.  So, in the meantime I'll have to look back on my pictures and try to remember that cuddly, amazing newborn stage.  Sigh, I need a cure for this baby fever!

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Guest Poster: How to Choose the Best Child Care

I've been a little MIA the past few days.  We've had such a busy weekend, and Eric finally got back home!!  I was hoping to post some pictures of the past week, but my computer has been sooooo slow (I think it's time for an upgrade) so that'll have to wait.

Until then, I have a great guest poster.  I've talked before about how difficult it can be to be a working mom.  It's tough not only to try to balance your work and home life, but also to find somewhere you trust with your babies.  I was blessed that my best childhood friend, who I've known since I was 3 moved in down the street and opened a daycare.  Many people are not that lucky, and it's a tough struggle to find somewhere that provides a loving and educational environment.  Now, crazy enough we are starting to have to look at pre-schools.  Seriously, how is it this time already?  Didn't I just give birth?!?  

Kathleen Thomas from Primrose Schools was kind enough to contact me with some helpful tips to remember when choosing the best child care.  

Choosing the right child care can be filled with concern and doubts. Parents agree that finding the right day care center is vital due to the rapid brain development that occurs in pre-school age children. The child care experience needs to be more than just safe; it also needs to be filled with positive experiences that will engage the children and help their little minds grow and develop. There is no doubt that choosing the right child care arrangement is one of the most important decisions you will make in your young child’s life.

Narrow down the Options
It’s important to know what your options are. One way to find out is by talking to your friends, family and pediatrician. Find out who they recommend and why. Once you have a short list of centers, you can visit their web sites to learn more about the programs they offer and which ones you like the best. You can then call each center to ask more questions, get more information and schedule a tour.

First Impressions
Your first impressions of a center are important. If a center just doesn’t feel right to you then you should keep looking. Notice how the school smells, if it smells clean or if a heavy ammonia smell seems to be covering something up. Look at the children that are there. A good sign is when the children in the center are all happy and engaged. It’s completely acceptable at this stage to rule centers out based on nothing more than a gut feeling.

Asking Questions
Once you have narrowed down the list further, you will want to start asking questions. This gives you an opportunity to speak candidly with the employees and learn more about the people who might ultimately be spending the bulk of the workday with your child. Here are some of the things you will want to ask about and the types of answers you should look for.
 • Teachers – Look for a center that has qualified teachers. Even though they do not have to be fully certified teachers, they should still have experience in caring for young children. More than that, they should seem to want to be working at the center and should seem to genuinely enjoy their job.
• Safety standards – Ask if the teachers and other staff members are trained in CPR and first aid. Find out what the procedures are in the event of accident or illness.
• Education – A great day care center does more than keep your child safe and fed; it also teaches your child and sets the groundwork for a positive school experience. Look for a facility that offers a set curriculum. Look for leaders in the center who are knowledgeable about child development and are focused on helping your child prepare for grammar school.
• Accreditation – Look for a school that has accreditation from outside agencies. Look for published standards regarding care and goals and a commitment to meet those standards. You should also seek a child care center that seeks to constantly improve their standards.
• Environment – Look for a center that is organized with regular activities and ongoing interaction with the teachers. The children should seem happy and relaxed. Ask how the teachers handle behavior problems to see if you agree with and can support their methods. Ask to see a daily schedule to determine what kind of routine the children enjoy.
• Licensure – Any center you choose should be licensed by the State. They should have clear policies regarding how they handle behavior problems, aggression, accidents or sickness.

The child care arrangements that you choose for your young child can make the difference between a child who loves learning and a child who is afraid to leave your side. Choose a center that will help your child be engaged and active while also teaching her and keeping her safe.

Thanks, Kathleen!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Y3W: We Miss Daddy

The hubs left Saturday morning for a hunting trip in Colorado.  Since we had to go down to my sister's and SIL's Friday night, it feels like he was gone longer.

Let me tell you, I give credit to single parents out there.  I'm tired!!  The week has been crazy busy with the racethe zoo, and lots of visitors and play dates.  As fun as it has all been, we want daddy back home soon.

I brought my camera with me today to post all of the fun pictures from the week.  But alas, I forgot the cord so it doesn't do much good. :/

So instead, I'll tell you to just go back and look at my two weirdos stuck in the bar stool.  lol

Tonight, my friends I am indulging.  My friend, Lisa is stopping over.  After the girls are in bed, this momma is having some wine.  Ahhhh.....

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

This weekend was such a busy one for us!  It started out with the 5k run on Saturday morning.  After that, the girls and I got ready to go to the zoo!
Kendall was pretty fascinated with the lazy monkeys
Sydney loved the fish!
Trying to get a good look at the seals
We met up with a couple of moms and babies we met on a mommy message board.  So fun to finally meet in person, and how cute are those kids??
Kendall bolted for the bear and said, "Take my picture, Mommy!!"
I hear a crunching, and turn around to find Sydney found a way to raid the pantry.
Sydney's new favorite game is standing under the bar stools
Kendall decided to try to squeeze in with her
Only, there wasn't enough room for the both of them and they got stuck.  lol
The world is good again when they realized there are 2 stools so they each get one. :)
Finish the night off with a good game of fishing
And, one more trip under the stool before bed.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mission Accomplished

The 5k run was a success.  There was so much anticipation waiting for the gun to go off, and I was amazed by all of the people!  It was such an awesome experience and I can't wait to do more next summer.  I was getting really tired by the end of it, but when I saw the balloons in the distance I went for it.  There were a few times I wanted to take a breather and walk for a minute or so.  I knew that if I did, I would always remember that.  I wouldn't remember my shortness of breath, or my rubbery legs.  I would remember that I quit.

I'm happy to say that I didn't though.  I pushed through and I ran the whole way!  And as I was about to cross the finish line, I saw my sister and her family, my parents and the two prettiest little girls.  One of which was cheering, "Go, Mommy, Go!"

So with that, I think I can put one check on my bucket list.  Next up, a 10k!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Y3W: Run, Momma, Run!

Holy crap, it's Friday.  That means tomorrow is Saturday, aka 5k day.  I've had it in my mind since June that I wanted to do one, but it always seemed so far off.  Luckily, my awesome sister talked me into signing up with her, so there's no backing out now.  ::gulp::

It's going to be chilly tomorrow morning, about 50*.  I hope I don't freeze up.  I hope I don't trip and fall.  I hope I don't get a cramp.  I hope I don't get too winded and need a break.  Can you tell I'm a little worried??

I know it's only 3 miles, which to some people is their slack off, easy run day.  But dude, 3 miles.  A couple of months ago, this lazy momma couldn't go 3 minutes!!  So, I am going to take one of the many lessons from my childhood.  I'm going to think of the little engine that could.

So if you see someone going past you saying, "I think I can. I think I can. I think I can."  don't laugh too hard.  As I cross the finish line, I might even throw in a "Choo Choo!!" ;)

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