Monday, August 22, 2011

TIOM Week 8

I’ve totally fallen off the wagon.  I started out so well and so committed.  I realized it’s a slippery slope.  I stop tracking everything I’ve eaten, I start making not as great choices, I’ll have another snack I didn’t really need, etc.  I haven’t worked out in almost 2 weeks either, so that doesn’t help.  I’m supposed to wait until my 2 week check up on Thursday to get the all clear.  I might try a couple of short jogs this week to get back into it.  I miss that feeling when you’re done with a good workout.  A feeling of achievement, exhaustion, and release.  I’m really ready to get back to it, and I think it’ll be the motivation I need to get back on track.
Week 8 Summary

Weight Loss this Week: 0.6 lbs

Weight Loss to Date: 6.6 pounds

Weight Left to Lose: 8.4 pounds

First Goal: 5 pounds (Met 7/25/11)
  • Reward – Pedicure {I finally got it on Saturday and it was heavenly!}
Second Goal:  10 pounds
  • Reward - A new pair of shoes
Final Goal: 15 pounds
  • Reward – A pair of good jeans!  Sevens?  Citizens?  We’ll have to see.
Success:  I didn’t gain weight this week, but I should’ve done better. 

Set Back:  I’ve fallen back into bad eating choices.

Exercise: I walked with the girls twice this week.  I am ready to get training again for the 5k in a couple of weeks! 

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