Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TIOM Week 7

This was a weird week.  I had surgery on Thursday so I don’t know how accurate my results will be.  On Wednesday, I had to do a cleanse to prep for Thursday.  It suuuuuuucked, but I lost 4 pounds!  During the laparoscopic surgery they pump gas into your abdomen.  I’m not kidding – I got home and weighed 5 pounds more than when I went into surgery.  I was not expecting that and honestly looked like I was pregnant.  My belly was round and HARD.  The gas has been the worst part of the recovery.  This bloat is ridiculous.  I think it can take up to a week to fully go away, so I think next Monday should have more accurate results.  The bad thing is that I can’t work out for another week and a half.  At least I’m hoping to be able to after my 2 week checkup.  I have a 5k to prep for!
Week 7 Summary

Weight Loss this Week: 2.4 lbs

Weight Loss to Date: 6.0 pounds

Weight Left to Lose: 9 pounds

First Goal: 5 pounds (Met 7/25/11)
  • Reward – Pedicure (Why have I not scheduled this yet?  I really need to get on it)
Second Goal:  10 pounds
  • Reward - A new pair of shoes
Final Goal: 15 pounds
  • Reward – A pair of good jeans!  Sevens?  Citizens?  We’ll have to see.
Success:  I had some weight loss, but it should be more. 

Set Back:  Oooohhhhh….the gas. L

Exercise: I ran one day (up to about 2.5 miles or so).  I signed up for a 5k in September, so I hope to get back out there soon! 

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