Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Take It Off Monday - Week 2

Yeah, I know.  It's Tuesday.  Woops.

Well, this week wasn't as fabulous because it was my birthday.  We went down to Mpls on Saturday and went to a movie (pretzel with cheese, tsk tsk) and out for dinner to the Melting Pot.  Oh.my.gosh.  Can we say AMAZING?!?!  First, cheese fondue with an assortment of dippers.  Then salad (we'll pretend that was healthy and forget about the caesar dressing).  Next came our meal, which I ate the chicken and pork off of our ginormous platter.  I suppose that was good.  If I would've stopped there.  But of course I didn't.  How could I when we had a s'mores chocolate fondue with marshmallows, rice krispy bars, poundcake, brownies and cheesecake to dip.  We were both miserably full.  But you know what?  It was worth every little (big!) calorie.  Mmmm...

After dinner we went out for drinks.  Ya know, because I hadn't already totally wrecked my day. :)

Week 2 Summary

Weight Loss this Week: 0.6 pounds.  Even with the gorging mentioned above, I lost a little.  I'll take it!

Weight Loss to Date: 2.8 pounds

Weight Left to Lose: 12.2 pounds

First Goal: 5 pounds (I'm shooting for next week!)
  • Reward - Pedicure
Second Goal:  10 pounds
  • Reward - A new pair of shoes
Final Goal: 15 pounds
  • Reward - A new outfit
Success:  I lost a little big (a loss is a loss, right?) even though I let everything go this weekend.

Set Back:  Did I mention that dessert platter?  Still worth it.

Exercise: I have still been working on and finished week 3 of Couch 2 5k.  I also did P90X twice last week.

So there you have it folks, are you hungry just thinking about that yummy Melting Pot Food?  I am...

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