Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Take It Off Monday

I'm inspired by some off the other blogs I follow so I've decided to take part. If I put it out in the interwebz, I can very well quit in two days now can I? I get really motivated only to stop shortly after. Enough is enough. It's time to go for it. I don't have a ton to lose, but sometimes that makes it harder. You become complacent with where you are and each and every pound is so.freaking.hard to drop. Blah.

So here I go. It's summer, what better time than now.

Goal: 15 pounds. I need mini goals though to make it seem like I'm accomplishing more.
1st Goal: 5 lbs {Reward-pedicure}
2nd Goal: 10 lbs {Reward- new shoes}
3rd Goal: 15 pounds {Reward - a new outfit}

So, here I go.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Y3W: Ch-ch-changes

Does that count as three words?  Yes? Ok, good.  This week I started my new job.  It's beyond weird to be somewhere else after 6 years.  It's gone well, just weird.  I'm not used to having so much free time at work (and I know I'll be kicking myself for saying that down the road).  There hasn't yet been much for me to do, so hopefully that changes soon.

Tonight we have our family pictures, which has been rescheduled FOUR times due to rainy weather.  It looks gorgeous out, so I think tonight might actually be the night.  Those little girlies of mine better cooperate now.  I'm not holding my breath. :)

After pictures we will rush to the Relay for Life to watch my dad walk in the Survivor's Lap.  Last year, he carried Sydney with him, who was a measly 2 weeks old at the time.  Quite the difference a year makes.

Linking up with Jenni's blog hop for Your Three Words.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

My sleeping beauties. :)  Every morning when Sydney wakes up she will crawl to the corner of her bed and grab the door to pull it open.  I love waking up to this face.

Kendall has become a hoarder when she sleeps.  No matter how much she as accumulated, she'll say she needs two more stuff in there.

Look how I found her napping.  ;)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ladies Man

I always knew Eric would be a good dad.  That was (in part) why I married him.  However, I pictured him more of the kind of guy that would love sons.  Someone to hunt and fish with, to teach how to throw/catch a ball, etc.  Then Miss Kendall came along.  We both realized that he can do all of this things with his little princess.  Soon after, Sydney Rose sealed the deal.  Now, two little girls later, we couldn't imagine it any other way.  When asking him if he wanted another baby to try for a boy, he replied, "Why would I need a boy?"  :)
We had a pretty low key Father's Day, just chilling at home.  After dinner we decided to go out for a nice walk, where Kendall wanted to RUN!  Her little arms were just pumping away, but her little legs don't seem to move nearly as fast.

Finally, all that running wore her out, so daddy gave her a little ride.
When we got home, I tried to get a picture of Eric with the girls.  Sydney thought it was pretty funny to have her belly sticking out.  =)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm warning you...

Yesterday was new camera day!  Eeek!!  I'm so excited, and officially obsessed with it.  It's a-maz-ing how much better the pictures are than my little point and shoot.  I still have a TON of learning to do.  Be ready for picture overloads coming.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  ;)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sydney's 1 Year Stats  Now that her one year checkup is out of the way, Sydney is officially, completely, no longer my baby.  She did amazing at the doctor.  As always, the nurses fell in love with her.  There was an old man in the waiting room that told me he was captivated by the stories she could tell with her eyes.  I know I'm not the only one that melts with all of her expressions.

She was nothing but smiles for everyone, until the shots came.  The poor little thing stopped crying about as soon as I was able to pick her up.  Just as the smiles returned, it was off to get her blood drawn.  She was not too happy with having to have her little finger squeezed over and over to get the blood.  After, she kept shaking her hand trying to get off the band aid.

Here are some of her milestones:
Weight: 17lb15oz (7%)
Length: 28.75'' (39%)
Head: 17.75" (51%)

Eating: She is now completely on table foods and loves them.  She will eat and eat and eat.  You think her weight would show for it.  Lucky girl, she takes after her daddy.  We thought we'd have to transition to whole milk.  I gave her a sippy cup with some by itself just to see, and she took right to it.  That was sure easy.  She is still getting her bedtime bottle.  I know I need to wean her, and I think she'd be just fine without it.  I just am sad to think that she's at that point already and will miss my little cuddle time.  Another big accomplishment of ours (well, mostly mine) is we made it to the one year mark with breastfeeding.  I never thought we'd go this long.  Although we had to start supplementing with formula around 11 months, I still consider it a success!

Sleeping:  She is finally letting me just lay her down to go to sleep.  She would do it for everyone else, but would know how to work me into rocking her.  Every book you read tells you to start early on by laying them down drowsy, but awake.  This way they can sooth themselves to sleep and not have to be rocked.  I ignored that with both girls, mostly for my own benefit.  I LOVED rocking with them every night.  While I probably would've been able to get more done around the house, I will never be able to get that time back.  They both weaned themselves and went to sleep better on their own around a year.  She's been going to bed around 7:30 and will get up around 7 or so.  However, she is SUCH a light sleeper so we usually need to be pretty careful early in the evening if we go in there, or she'll pop right up and be ready to play.  She's started to wean off of her morning nap.  If she takes one, we usually wake her after 30-45 minutes.  That way she'll nap in the afternoon with Kendall and usually sleeps about 2 hours.

Milestones:  She is now walking running everywhere!  She is so active and loves being able to move with the other kids.  She's not saying a lot yet - mama, dada, baba (I'm thinking it's bottle).  She's mastered climbing up the stairs and will attempt to go back down.

And now, for her beautiful picture!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Look Whoo's One!

Last weekend was Sydney's first birthday party.  I had been planning and looking forward to her party for months...maybe a year is more like it.  I had spent hours googling, blogging, crafting, you name it.  It may have become a little bit of an obsession.  So, when last week came I was so pumped to start getting ready and putting everything together.  And then...the flu arrived.

Kendall got it first.  Wow, I've never seen a little body project so much in such a short time.  After a couple of days, Sydney joined in.  We were going back and forth with deciding if we should cancel or not.  They both seemed to be doing o.k.  The food was all bought and everything was there, so we decided to go ahead with it.  Saturday morning, Eric woke up with it.  He missed pretty much her entire party because he was up in our room. :(

The good news, the weather was perfect and the girls were great.  Here are a  few lot of pictures.
Owl cake {which later tipped over} and the 6 cake pops that turned out from the 20!

Yarn Balls

Sydney's Picture Tree

12 Owl Clips for Each Month

Suprisingly, no one wanted to wear a hat...hmmm?

Owl Bubble Favors for the kiddos

Candy!  yum yum yum

The Birthday Girl!

Aww...they do love each other. <3

Kendall is ready to party!

napkin wraps...sideways, I guess


Tissue Balls. My new favorite thing!

Sydney with her godmother...and the owl pinata!

The kids LOVED the bounce house.  And this was the mini one!

She was not a fan of getting dirty!

All in all, it was a great day!  Although, I'm more than sad that my baby is now a toddler.  Be back soon with her monthly stats and milestones!