Sunday, May 1, 2011


Does anyone every truly feel as though there is balance in their life?  That you are giving 100% to every aspect?  I think, as a woman, it becomes even more difficult. 

This past week has been a little crazy.  In the last week I put in about 85 hours at work.  And that is with Easter Sunday being in there.  I feel a tremendous amount of guilt from the time I am away from my girls.  Then, when I am enjoying some time with them, I feel guilt for the pile of work I have that I'm not working on, possibly impeding on another's deadlines. 

So, how do you fix this?  How do you decide what comes first and what just has to wait?  How do you decide who to disappoint?  I think, often times, the person that comes last will be ourselves. 

On a funny note (or possibly sad depending on how you look at it) - every night I've come home in time to put Sydney to bed and play for an hour or so with Kendall.  Then I just work from home in our kitchen.  I didn't realize I must have been telling her "mommy has to work" until when I told her we had to get ready for bed she replied, "I can't Mommy, I'm working."  Little stinker. 

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